God Had Purpose For Bringing Me To The World On October 1 –Bola Are

Veteran gospel singer, Bola Are, has said that she is feels privileged to be born on October 1, some years before Nigeria’s independence.
In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “When I knew that I was born on October 1, I was overwhelmed and happy even though by the year 1960, I was in primary school. I remember that I saw the late Obafemi Awolowo with the Nigerian flag. I and my classmates, our teacher and headmaster all lined up on the road waving in high spirits. I have never forgotten the euphoria of that day, and I still have the picture. We were given free uniforms and shoes on that day. We ate a lot of chicken and good food in celebration of our Independence.
“As a child, I was very excited that it fell on my birthday. I’m sure God knew why he brought me to the world on October 1. That explains why I am always concerned about everything about the nation. It is really one of my most beautiful memories about the nation.

I pray God gives us a day like that again to celebrate as a nation.”
Are also stated that she wished God could use her to bring back the good old days in the country and bring succour to its citizens. She said, “I wish the nation would experience the kind of joy we had when we gained independence. Those days, there were no killings, kidnappings, cultism and other vices. In those days, we didn’t use to close our doors and we were not scared of anything. I wish God could use me to bring back the good old days. I wish that all forms of insecurity and bloodshed would end. Above all, I wish that God would give us good leaders like the late Obafemi Awolowo. We want leaders that would be worthy of emulation. The Bible says that when a nation has good leaders, people would be happy and live a good life. But, if the reverse is the case, no one would be able to sleep with their eyes closed. It is so sad that if one travels to any part of the country, one wouldn’t know if one would return. I earnestly pray for divine intervention. People are really hungry and there’s no voice for the poor anymore.”
On her plans for retirement, she said, “I have always been a ‘mission girl’ because my birth was announced three years before I was born. I have been singing from a tender age and I hope to sing till I’m 120 years old, then I will go and rest in the Lord. I will sing in heaven too. By the grace of God, I have lived a fantastic life. I have enjoyed a life of integrity, free of scandals and I’m still enjoying it. In gospel music, nobody retires. One’s voice never dies. It only dies when one is meddling into things that are not of God.”


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