IMO: Why Uzodimma Remains Unacceptable And Rejected In Imo

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

From the verifiable reactions of the people of Imo State to the purported visit by President Muhammad Buhari to the State, it’s now very clear that as far as the citizens of Imo State are concerned, Senator Hope Uzodimma remains unacceptable and rejected!

If observant, as an old infantry soldier should be at all times, President Buhari would notice that the majority of the people of Imo State aren’t with Uzodimma, but are maintaining social distances from him, for obvious reasons!

As far back as 2003, Ndimo have continually rejected Uzodimma. As it was in the beginning, so has it been till date in 2021. Anti-people Uzodimma is evidently unpopular, unloved, unwanted, unacceptable, to the larger number of Imo people.

It’s not a matter of the organized opposition’s constructive criticisms of the anti-people Uzodimma regime, as it is of Ndimo, with very cogent reasons, massively disapproving the visit by the president at a time of Uzodimma’s failure to deliver good leadership and good governance!

It’s clear that because, Ndimo rejects Uzodimma, they also reject his dishonest plans such as the plan to host the president amid copious instances of injustices, deprivations and depravations of the people by the current regime at all levels – national, State, and local government!

The copious reasons for Ndimo undermining and disregarding the presidential visit and its host can’t be over-emphasized as they’re trending in the social media. They’re truth told to power by the real owners of the power! Ndimo distance themselves from Uzodimma!

For example, Ndimo have been asking what the presidential visit is all about. In other words, they want to be acquainted with what the president is coming to do in Imo State that is being steadily devastated by Uzodimma. The explanations thus far by Uzodimma haven’t been bought by the people. They smell of fraud and forgery!

Ndimo feel further betrayed and sabotaged by Uzodimma, who has so far failed all integrity tests on good leadership and good governance in Imo State, deeming it appropriate to beg President Buhari to come and commission invisible projects, and purportedly hold interactive townhall meetings in the State, and the president honouring such invitation.

How many projects has Uzodimma established in Imo State? What and what are Uzodimma’s projects? Where and where are Uzodimma’s projects? Name them! Ndimo don’t require mirrors to see their wristbands! Uzodimma hasn’t any projects anywhere in Imo State!

In the past recent days, Ndimo must have been reminded of the dishonest and insincere processes that controversially culminated in the Supreme Court making Uzodimma governor against the popular will of the people.

Imolites must have recalled how their precious votes were made not to count after they massively cast them for their choice of party, PDP, and their choice of governor, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON only for the Supreme Court to subvert the will of God and the people for Imo State and Imo people.

The people must have remembered how Uzodimma overnight ruined the functional and functioning leadership and governance system that he inherited, restoring the dark days of negatives, unhappiness, sadness and sorrow in the lives of the people of the State.

They must have sadly considered the numerous roads that were under construction by the PDP/Ihedioha RebuildImo administration, which Uzodimma inherited, chased the contractors away, and abandoned!

Ndimo must be recalling the restoration of joy and happiness in Imo State for the better life of Imo people, the restored confidence in government and governance, the silver lining on the dark sky that was hitherto heavily over the State and the people, and the thin light at the end of the Imo tunnel!

Imo workers and pensioners, their children and families, and loved ones, especially, must be recalling with nostalgia the disruption of the novel functional system of receiving bank alerts for the payments of their salaries and pensions by the PDP/Ihedioha RebuildImo administration.

With Uzodimma’s sustainable bad leadership and bad governance capacity and deliveries, it’s not difficult to understand and appreciate the sustainable rejection of Uzodimma and his regime by the good people that are in the majority in Imo State.

Ndimo don’t want Uzodimma. Pure and simple. They don’t want his questionable character and conduct. They don’t want his unreliable, undependable, unrewarding, fraudulent representation, which was tested and failed in his wasted eight years as the Senator for Orlu Zone.

Therefore, it’s unpatriotic of anti-people, clueless, inept and incompetent Uzodimma and his frustrated miserable sycophants to be hatefully and maliciously vilifying Imo people, subjecting them to various shades of opprobrious torture and torments, because Imolites choose to resolutely stand firmly by their tacit decision to reject an Uzodimma, who doesn’t have their votes and their mandates! It’s not by force! God save Imo and Ndimo!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

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