Twice the great Ikoro (Oke’ekwe) calls the Great ones; In life, and also salute them in death. Because as a great Author and scientist Lecomte Du Nouy once said: No person ever disappears completely if they choose to do good outside any personal gains or ambitions, outside anything other than having contributed towards the advancement of human beings and to better their condition.

It was also late Justice Aniagolu who once said that “No matter how long anyone of us might live, we shall be dead way longer than we will ever live”.

Perhaps they made these remarks to encourage all to do what’s right regardless of how discouraging it might be to do good, or even the danger of standing on the right side of the truth, but most importantly standing right before God.

My late father was One man I can stand here to testify that his life was guided by the above principles.

It has been forty long years since my father; Mazi David Mmaduka Okoro transitioned to the greater beyond as it pleased God to call him home as his job was done.

Well, of course time heals most wounds and broken hearts but, the fact still remains that Mazi was a very unique person. A rare gem in every sense of it. He still remains irreplaceable because he set such a very high moral standard as he left tremendous goodwill which still subsists and sustains his descendants and those previlaged to have come under his wings.

His sense of duty towards the betterment of human condition was legendary. Passed on barely a decade after the brutal civil war, Mazi used that short period to demonstrate what it means for us all to live as children of the most high God. He was one of those men that gave all they had to help heal the bruises of the devastating civil war.

He realized from back then that the greatest investment in the world is the one made on people. He invested his resources in raising young-men and uplifting people from across the entire community and beyond, both in formal education and business apprenticeship and mentorship. He provided the very needed platform for so many to stand and seek for their way towards the future when it mattered most.

Today, we celebrate him as one of the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES G.O.A.T. He used all he got to do what he could and we pray God to continue to grant hie eternal rest.

Mazi, continue to rest in peace as your good works here on earth truly earned you a deserving place in the realm where the one we worship with piety and humble adoration – the Good God Almighty rules, as you heard from him: WELL DONE.


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