Those Comparison Of Banker AIG Imokhede And That Of Obi Cubana’ Mothers’s Burials

If we are in a normal society or functional nation, more than half of those present in that burial of AIG IMOKHUEDE mother’s burial shall be either in prison or dead depending on which country, and what their laws say about economic sabotage and institutional corruption.

Is Jacob Zuma of South Africa not in Prison as we speak? Are those that gathered at Imokhuede mother’s burial including former heads of state and captains of industries, general overseers and more better? No they are not.

But they are in a country where anything goes. Dishonorable people are addressed as honorables and Excellencies even while all the Misnomer and titular nomenclature are not supported by their actions and report cards.

So What we have is some kind of moral relativism. Some sins and behavior are excused and rationalized because of how it is packaged and those involved in them.

Am not applauding senseless display as we saw it. But are those guys not in to showbiz? What are people expecting; some kind of Bishop Catholic mass and then people will go home?

The people that gathered for the Imokhuede burial read like who is who in ruining this country down.
Those in the banking industry would’ve been the first to be arrested for the deeply embedded financial malfeasance they engage-in in this country.

For the avoidance of doubt, go and read the Arthur Nwankwo independent Acounting report . A forensic accounting firm on the former Governor Rochas years in the office and see the role played by some of those Bank CEOs in fleecing of Imo state and impoverishing the people.

It is not only in Imo, dig deeper and you will discover that the stealing and all manners of corruption in high places will never have been possible without those gathered at that burial, yet someone is using them as a reference point.
Enough of all these lamentations and comparing apples and oranges.

As a matter of fact , when it comes to show off, the Igbos are just learners ok. I grew up in Lagos. We know how it goes down in the West. But that’s a different story.

And by the way; while some busy bodies are preoccupied with what happened in Oba Anambra state, how come they’ve deliberately eschewed the unintended implications of that outing.

Some of us seem to forget that just less than 6 weeks ago the entire *South East was portrayed as a no go area war zone.* People were advised to take flight away from the SouthEast. The entire region was completely de-marketed even by our people who are completely oblivious or ignorant of the financial and economic implications of their careless utterances and spread of bad news. Owerri, Awka, Abakaliki, Enugu and other parts of SouthEast were all experiencing increasing activities in the real estate and property industry. The AKURUE’UNO mantra was beginning to catch fire and resonate. But suddenly the brief security crises created crises of confidence and the Igbos contemplating investing home slammed emergency brakes on their investment in the SouthEast.

But guess what?
The Obi Cubana of Oba Anambra state outing has completely changed that orchestrated de-marketing of the region.
Alaigbo is not the war zone and dangerous place they over hyped on the media afterall. The huge outing that attracted people from all over the world as it held all spellbound went on and ended hitch free. No single report of kidnapping, no robbery, no UGM, no nothing that we’ve heard of🤷🏾‍♂ . Simply amazing isn’t it?

And what does that say to the whole world about the region apart from the curiosity about Alaigbo and Oba in particular? what it said is essentially that Alaigbo is safe and life is going on despite the brief invasion and tactical seige by the authorities. It said to the world that nothing thrown at this resilient people shall prosper.

What’s more? The business aspect of the outing is beginning to unravel. *All maners of deals are coming in. He might as well turn out to being the biggest brand Ambassador that nearly all major brands might like to partner with to reach the huge targeted lucrative audience.*

So let’s pause for a moment when we start buying into all these negative obsession with anything Igbo good or bad.

Nobody; no one from any of the other rival ethnic groups have the moral authority or the slightest justification to point at Ndigbo as the rest of the other four fingers are pointing at them.
Ndigbo are not perfect, but who is or which groups are🤷🏾‍♂? I don’t see them.

Not when some of these people cannot even dare step foot in their home land or villages. But if any one of them from whatever tribe believe that they are anywhere near utopia, let them ask for open debate before any audience and we shall seamlessly remind them, that besides propaganda and malicious targeting of a particular people, we know who we are and how we are situated both from the historical perspective and empirical facts they pretend not to see.

Chris O.Maduka.

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