It has become increasingly Obvious that Rueben Abatti in his excessive hubris has exuded either deliberate ignorance to appear politically correct on issues or he’s simply there on the Morning Show to spin glaring empirical facts out of control.

Mr. Abatti appears selectively malicious in his commentaries (in which case he’s deeply compromised like so many in this country) or he simply lack the deep competence and knowledge convergence of the issues as the much Younger Rufai does.

Recall he was one of those that deliberately de-marketed the SouthEast region by painting the impression of full blown war in the region in clear deception of the listening audience.
Before the dust will settle on that; the same Rueben Abatti deliberately and repeatedly used the word: EXTRADITION instead of ABDUCTION in the controversial case of Nnamdi Kanu. Abatti cannot claim ignorance when he exudes this air of erudite fellow on television.

Listening to Rueben Abatti often leaves many with that visceral feelings of everything wrong with the Nigerian society. People often goaded by Moral relativism and hypocritical dispositions.

He nearly always engages in “judging unequal causes equally” which is infact, another form of injustice, all in his struggle to give impression of fair and balanced presentation on the show.

But then, listen to the much Younger, vibrant and better informed Rufai as he comes on and simply lift the smoke screen and contradictions created by Mr. Abatti. Rufai simply calls a spade a spade. He has the right sense of balance. He speaks the minds of the people because he’s indeed one of the people. He has deep sense of empathy and the empirical experience as ordinary Nigerian. That’s what shapes his views and drives his opinion every single day on the Morning show.

Let’s not Forget that Rueben Abatti was, and still remains an integral part of the political class that is responsible for the rot and ruin that Nigeria has become. He was part of the previous administration that was replaced by the current administration. It is still a truism that *you can’t teach an old dog a new trick*

So it is only natural that he will carefully defend the constituency that he belongs to (the very corrupt and ineffective political class that cut across all regions and ethnic groups).

Rueben Abatti shouldn’t be on television in my personal opinion. He should go back and do what his other fellow politicians have done:*defect* to the ruling party; APC and then from there join the team of Garba Shehu and Lai Mohammed. Afterall he’s no better than anyone of them in defending the indefensible and the status quo.

I suggest you shouldn’t take my words for it; listen to him over a period of time and you will see how he brilliantly attempts to disguise his ethnic jingoism and prejudices. His body language and utterances gives him away. One minute he’s visibly angry about the actions of the government towards Sunday Igboho, the next minute he’s speaking from both sides of his mouth about Nnamdi Kanu.

Yes, Rueben Abatti has the right to his opinion, prejudices and what have you, but he need to keep it out of the television network like ARISE, otherwise the network will suffer huge brand erosion just like others that have gone down as the extension of Lai Mohammed ministry of information or rather misinformation.

But hey! His position on arise is afterall, like a political appointment unlike Rufai and other Younger TV personalities on Arise, and guess what? Abatti is doing a great job in his new appointment on ARISE TELEVISION.

Chris O.Maduka ✍🏾

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