I Have No Regret Identifying With Mary Daniel, She Needs Help -Ugwumba Uche Nwosu

I have no regret identifying with Mary Daniel. She needs help and I helped out…Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.

…I don’t mind helping her more as the spirit directs

The Global President of Ugwumba Center for Leadership development in Africa , Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has insisted that he has no regret coming to the aide of Kogi State born single mother amputee who hawks bottled water at Oshodi , Lagos State .

Ugwumba Uche Nwosu made this known through his media Aide, Nwadike Chikezie .

Responding to Media vibes , Ugwumba Uche Nwosu wondered why the sudden attention on the lady now that fortune has smiled her way. He noted that nobody recognised her all this while she was in penury and struggling to live .

Chief Nwosu informed that what attracted his sympathy attention was nothing other than her amputee condition and also a single parent of a little girl , not the stories .

Of course , when I saw her on social media , it was her picture that got my interest , seeing an amputee hawking bottled water in busy place like Lagos , competing with those with complete body , it was a sight of sympathy to behold. All the stories attached are secondary, he added.

Clarifying , on the issue of detecting lies in her story , he maintained that it might be diversionary in other for some people to lay hands on her money and advised that what should be paramount is how to establish her real good and not otherwise.” As she said that she want to open a super market , that should be the focus and not otherwise “.

He used the opportunity to thank all those who responded to her help after he brought her to limelight .

“I heard that she has made up to 25 million Naira . That’s good and enough to change her life for good” .

“God has a way of lifting men and God has not stopped the business of lifting men, only have patience and trust in him” .

Meanwhile, in further argument , the media aide argued that ;

Whether it’s stage managed or not, take it that she was smart enough to think out of the box . That’s what you need to survive in life …idea .

All these stories are targeted attempts to manipulate and swindle her , nothing more .

If it’s true that she lied, why

1. The picture of the so called father is not trending on social media,going viral but nothing like that

2. would they block people from reaching Mary Daniel to hear her own side of the story as every access to her now is blocked .

3. The so called “arrangee” that threatened to expose her , have they finally carried out there threat and who are they ?

4. If they tried blackmailing her because of what they want to gain, why has the authorities yet to arrest them as accomplice ? This is crime too.

5. Are they faceless or as usual “unknown accusers men ” not unknown Gun Men ?

6. Is the authorities acting based on cooked up info from a faceless group born out of envy ?

7 . Who are the so called relations and where have they being all these while the amputee was suffering .

Finally , let’s leave all the cock and bull story to manipulate the minds of the people and provide a cover to swindle the lady of her fortune, luck smiled her way and those that responded did that because of her present condition and spirit of survival, not based on her background story .

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