Dr. Linda Iheme, Helping Post Graduates To Secure- Scholarships Abroad Via Vantage Migration

There is saying that goes “Teach one how to fish instead of giving him fish” this is exactly what Vantage Migration And Allied Consult stands for the Nigeria Youths.

Here is a lady God has prepared to give a facelift to young people in africa especially Nigerians to use the common thing they uniquely have to make money via various training through Vantage Migration and Allied Consult.Vantage Migration And Allied Consult is a consultancy Company that Teaches and Trains Graduates on how to secure admission and scholarship abroad by themselves without running to any agent who might run away with their funds.

I was dazed when I come across one of her training on How to Monitize your biggest asset on her Facebook page. And I said to myself if many had known this the rate of joblessness in this country would have reduced.

Talking about Dr. Linda Iheme the CEO of the Vantage Migration And Allied Consult herself She did this on a five key points which are as follows.

1. What is Asset? She used Robert Kiosaki definition of Asset: An asset is anything that puts money in your pocket either daily pay, weekly,monthly or even yearly, on the other hand the same man described liability: to be anything that takes money from your pocket. Based on this Dr. Linda is day that your certificate can be your asset if only you can do what she’s about revealing.

2. What is your biggest Asset? Your biggest asset is your University degree certificate and that is why everyone is struggling to be a graduate of one discipline or the other but after graduation what next?

3. How to uniquely monetize your certificate? One way you can Monitize your degree certificate is by using the certificate to get another higher degree on scholarship, wow! That’s sound great and some it sounds funny, actually many will not agree on this school of thought. Have you taken out time to ask why almost 98% of job seekers are university graduates of one discipline or the other yet no job? It’s simply because they do not want, or ignorant or have no assistance on how to Monitize their certificate,hmm!. But when they apply for scholarship with their degree certificate irrespective of the grade, lower class or upper class, even 3rd class, I know some may say getting a job is also a way of monitizing your certificate, yes you are right, take a breath and checkout this simple calculation, if you are employed after graduation and you are paid $50 monthly, it means in year you earn about $600. But when you gained scholarship to study masters with the same certificate you will be paid around $20,000 yearly with or without school fees, and it’s higher on PhD scholarship, can you see the difference. And even if you’re paid $1000 monthly in your company (I bet you is not possible) you end up earning $12,000 with much stress and labour. This exactly why Dr. Linda’s training on monitising your certificate is UNIQUE.

4. Why people may not agree! Many Amy say it’s same thing if I get job here in my country with my certificate but check around you will see those graduated 5-10years with little or no jobs, also some may say how possible is it to get thai scholarship and who will facilitate it? So to them is impossible and that is why you have to read this last point.

5. Why do I do next? The answer to this question will put to rest every doubt and Confusion in your mind. Just get your certificate ready and use your smart phone to search for Dr. Linda Iheme on facebook page, like it and follow her, also Drlindaiheme on instagram to learn how you can monetize your certificate too.

Dr. Linda Iheme is the CEO of Vantage Migration and Allied Consult an agency that trains youths on how to get scholarship to study abroad. It might interest you to know that few day ago she sponsored many youths from Nigeria to a tourist visit to Benin Republic on all expense paid trip by her company. Further Read: The Punch, Tribune, Daily times, Gisthub24.com (blog) and many more to read about the trip and other benefiting things that the company is into.

You can know more about Dr. Linda and Vantage Migration And Allied Consult on http://www.vantagemigration.ca/

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