Man Paraded Half Naked For Killing His Brother In Imo State

Attention has been drawn to a picture of a man paraded half naked on the streets of Umuegbu-umumaisiaku, with frond tied round his neck, by an irate mob, which has been making round the social media since yesterday.

An investigation with a view to ascertaining where he hails from and why he was being subjected to such a dehumanizing state it was discovered that his name is Obi Cyril, from Umuokeanyim- Umuegbu-umumaisiaku clan.

It was gathered that the industrious children of his late brother who died under mysterious circumstances 3years ago, decided to figure out what actually led to the untimely end of their father by consulting the services of a man of God.

The man of God told them that their uncle Cyril had a hand in their father’s demise, butressing his claims by urging them to go home and review the video of their late father’s burial ceremony to see how it all happened.

The source further disclosed that as directed, they went home and watched the said video and spotted when their uncle Cyril, pinched their late father’s legs while he was lying in state on the day of the burial ceremony.

Out of rage, the confronted him and he confessed to the crime, that he sent their father, his brother, to an early grave.

Having heard him confessed, they reported the matter to the people of Umuokeanyiam Umuegbu village, who had been displeased with him over series of suspected atrocities, they stripped him half naked, and paraded him round the entire village.

They angry mob was reported to have set his shrine ablaze, while the Umunna decided to look into the matter during a forthcoming burial ceremony of a kinsman, when everyone is expected to be ahome.

Credit: Kpomkwen news.

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