How People You Once Prayed For Turned And Killed You Pastor Photo Essey

It was the camera man that killed you sir, may your soul rest in peace man of God. This is what true servants of God goes through on daily basis. Pastors carries the problems of members in heart but no one carries theirs. Pastors lives frustration almost all the time because while the opt to please God, they also have challenges to do the biddings of the people most time to the detriments of their lives.

This is the true story of Pastor Ogori Essa who was trending in social media over the allegation that he refused to wed couples who came 5 minutes late to be jointed in Holy matrimony in church hall , that if they wanted him to wed them they should be wedded in the office.

Pastor Essay who happens to be a widower of his late wife who died February last year being 2020, has been very sick .

The couple insisted that the pastor must leave his medication in a hospital in Lagos and come down to wed them. He mustered courage to leave Lagos and the hospital where he was taking treatment to come down to portharcourt to wed the couple. He waited and waited for the couple in and became tired.

He was so weak as a result of his ill Heath , which led to his climb upstairs to relax in his office. The couple arrived and met him in the office, resting without any strength in him, he pleaded with them to be wedded there in the office, they rather became very angry at him, bolted out and started making jest of him while a camera man was busy videoing , his church premises and saying all sourt of abuses against the man of God.

People joined in mocking him and calling him names. It was not after all that, a few days latter, the pastor told his sister that He was tired of this life, and that he wants to go and rest. After saying that, the man of God bowed his head and died instantly on the chair.

He could not bear how his name was trending all over the world for his own people that he has once prayed for them to get the best in life whose wedding were his utmost happiness, but what did he get after? Mockery upon mockery. It has been the problem with members.

Pastors undergo the same trials and temptation the members go through and even more yet, you see them trying to encourage and attend to the members not minding their own selves yet the members are bent on scandalizing their pastors at any slightest mistake. They always see pastors as supper humans that must be perfect in all things not minding they are human beings as they are.

Today, the man of God has died in frustration and I believe the couple who caused the whole uproar, created insulting screens and went to a nearby hotel to wed are now enjoying their hourney Moon and marriage why the body of the man of God is in lying in the mortuary.

The camera man who was the self made journalist can now enjoy his work as an expert right hence people from Kenya even attest to have seen what happened in Port Harcourt , how Nigerian pastor has suddenly become “Lord God Almighty” all against the image of a good man. May God help his people. May your soul be granted rest. Pastor Ogori Essa.

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