Six People Died Today As Truck Fell On Two Imo Buses In Owerri

Everyday as you go out pray to God for His Protection and guidance, many who said happy new year on first of January are dead while some are buried.

Many died on ghastly motor accident, others fire and some sickness, so any day you went out and came back safely, kneel and thank God, then live a Godly life and prepare for Eternity.

At least six people have been confirmed dead in a ghastly motor accident which occurred this afternoon along Assumpta Avenue precisely at the Mmiri Nworie bridge allegedly caused by prisons officers blowing their siren to scare away motorists…

The prison officials who were being blocked by the truck harassed the truck driver with siren who swerved and missed his direction and landed on two Bus Imo vehicles and plunged into the river,killing six occupants who were said to be alive for two hours without help coming from nowhere before giving up the ghost!!!

Imo Government should enforce the 6pm to 6pm movement of trucks immediately to save lives and ENTRACO empowered with CRANES to assist whenever such a terrible accident happens!!!!

Also drivers should be re-trained and seminars organized for them on road usage. Most importantly the security AGENTS should be warned on reckless Driving and use of SIRINE.

Rest in peace to the dead!!!

Credit: Nonso Nkwa.

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