Sometimes we have to look at issues critically above the facial value and avoid being hastily in drawing conclusions.I am highly elated to be asked to dive into the circumstances that may have deprived our own Rt. Hon. Kennedy Ibeh from being a better and more qualified replacement for the impeached speaker of Imo House of Assembly. I know a lot of insinuations from different quarters are pointing accusing fingers on some of the political leaders in Obowo but the reason I believe is far from it.A lot of factors are working in concert against the Obowo speakership project which we all are looking forward to. But we definitely need to know that the politics of becoming a speaker is not just a Legislative affair alone though fifty percent chances is credited to the intrest of the Legislative members who inturn marry their intrest with that of the sitting governor who may influence such intrest via lobbying
members to get the majority on his side.
It is obvious that any governor without command on the speaker finds it difficult to sell or market bills in the house and is always put on fear of possible impeachment at any given opportunity.One can never be a Pope before the conclave and It takes a white smoke to produce one even if it has to tarry for so long.
Hon. Barr.. Kennedy Ibeh is a young intelligent and ambitious man, whose political strength is driven by self motivations and financial independence above his contemporaries who also see him as an intimidating collosus.
Hon. Kennedy Ibeh is an unpredictable politician whose focus is to rise above board via using formidable structures under his design and control and would stop at nothing until he achieves his aim.It is obvious that Hon Kennedy Ibeh is a strong voice and the centre mouth piece of Imo House of Assembly, dreaded by any governor for his legislative intelligence and intimidating qualities of a grassroot commander.
Here is a man that commands the largest grassroot structure in the State and has his followers scattered across so many rival structures just to keep afloat. As a team player, his colleagues always rally around him when the chiefs are down and depends on him when it comes to designing the legislative architecture and driving their demands home to the governor’s desk and actions while he masqurades behind the curtains.If really by our judgement Rt. Hon. Kennedy Ibeh commands high respect and confidence among other House members what stops them from nominating him to the post of speakership let alone voting for him.
The reasons behind Rt. Hon.Kennedy Ibeh not becoming a speaker is interwoven in his ambitions to become one as his colleagues who are mostly interested in what they can grab from government rather than the legislative duties will prefer to align with the governor for a fatter benefit and still remain caged from rendering the legislative duties.As one who understands the business of the House of Assembly no governor would want to hand over his impeachment warrant to a speaker he has no control over his functions.

The truth is that Hon. Kennedy Ibeh will make a good speakership and would want to run an independent legislative arm devoid of governors influence but the calibre of persons elected into the Imo House of Assembly are not in consonants and in alignment to his ambitionns and ambitiously becoming a speaker is still a mirage.
Speakers are elected behind the curtains key positions also negotiated before coming to the pubic gallery to formalize the decisions and play the game as decided by the legislative caucus.I don’t think we should at this point acuse anyone in Obowo for sitting on the ambition of Rt. Hon.Kennedy Ibeh in becoming a speaker, we should also be informed that if the governor wants him he will be one and if his colleagues are wise enough and believe in quality legislation he will also have their support to be one.
For us that believes that quality leadership has a lot to do in making life better for the rural populace via providing the basic amenities to enhance both human and capital developments the major drive in our honorable member remains to POSITION OBOWO BETTER and his colleagues are more concerned in positioning themselves better.The crisis and devise intrest in APC is also another factor limiting this speakership ambitions, it is quite clear that the APC that brought the governor into power is not in alignment with the APC structure that brought Rt. Hon. Kennedy Ibeh to the House. So is even difficult for him to be empowered to do his oversight functions .

The craze for leadership power in Obowo is also a mitigating factor that is behind some of our leaders in the power corridors not showing concern towards fronting the speakership ambition. Trading their nomenclature positions to support Rt. Hon. Kennedy Ibeh speakership ambition is an impossible task which if you and I are in their shoes we would not trade either. Anyway that’s politics for you, but in all if it is a divine project it will surely be and no man born of woman can stop it.Let him remain focus in his legislative career and focus on legislations to better Obowo be a team player and shun any incitement against any Obowian son or daughter.

CHINAEMEZE.High Chief Marcel Nwokorie ( political analylist / social critic.

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