Igbos Are Under Tactical Seige

If anyone Nigerian, especially born of Igbo is still in doubt that we are living under tactical SEIGE and near total blockade then that person is in denial and dwelling in fools paradise.

How do you define being under SEIGE and blockade? How do you define what’s now near total cutoff and heavy military and security presence in the region. How do you explain the mini military formations you have all over the places with near total blockade of the highways?

What’s the Airforce, customs, DSS, different security operatives doing on all the roads leading to the region where other reputable international agencies judged to be relatively safe compared to other regions. Do we even realize the violation of the Military occupying civilian space in peace time?

These are some of the issues most of our leaders are hiding inside the bulletproof Lexus and Land cruisers lack the courage to say. They are either too scared or too compromised.

But, not Dr. Katch that’s been on One man crusade to enlighten and educate Nigerians on the realities of the time they live in. Infact, his last outing on Channels is simply groundbreaking and an eye opener to the rest of Nigerians, and we owe him a debt of gratitude.

Let me say this: as it stands today, to navigate ones way through Nigeria especially the SouthEast and some of the South South is worse than to Navigate your way through war torn Somalia during the days of the war Lords. From Lagos to Owerri is about 6hours journey, but just few days ago it took nearly 15hours and you are here arguing?

Infact, it is even better that the Igbos are issued Passes by those who believe that the country and the Igbos belong to them just like the Blacks in the Apartheid SouthAfrica were issued Pass by the Racists Whites. What’s happening to Igbos and Peolpe of the South South traveling to their states is infact worse than the Apartheid era.

The humiliation, the extortion, harrassment is worse than what the Black South Africans went through. Add that to the near total neglect of the major connecting roads, in bounds and out bounds in the region and you begin to have the feeling of deliberate destruction not even seen after the civil war here in Nigeria. The difference though, is the death of outrage and complete docility we have here.

So those who expend their energies being in denial of the realities we are living in today are merely dwelling in fools paradise.

What’s happening today defies political affiliations and party loyalty. So anyone hiding behind that facade to either justify or rationalize the manifest destruction of the region with the willing accomplices of our misleaders is also him or herself an accomplice and history will record it asuch.

I read so many people here call @Dr Katch a propagandist. Some try to lampoon what he said, and am left wondering how many lions does one kill to earn the rank of lion Annihilator? Just one. Perhaps a limping one. Dr. Katch has annihilated more than one. He’s the very eloquent and fearless voice of reason right now and we are proud of him. The entire world tune in to listen to the only informed voice of opposition in the land where so many have capitulated and joined the bandwagon for their political and economic survival. Those living with convenience of lies and by their actions or inactions continue to give evil and injustice against their own people a new lease of life.

Dr. Katch has emerged as one of the very few MEN standing while so many are hiding in foxholes and in the comfort of their homes only to come on social media to attack and insult those who have the courage to stand up and speak the truth to power. He has reinforced and rekindled that fearless spirit that is inherent in the Igbo primordial nature. The courage and fearlessness they were once known for.

Those who wish to dismiss his act of courage should step up and put their faces on the televisions and newspapers and speak like Dr. Katch has done severally. No what we have people coming out to speak from both sides of their mouths or even defending the indiffensible situation we find ourselves.

Yes, Dr.Katch has his political leaning and worldview just like every other politicians. But we are all matured and knowledgeable enough to discern when someone is speaking the truth and when someone is clandestinely and under disguise working against the truth. When they are aiding and abating those who have not hidden their destructive agenda against our people.

We need no mirror to view the ring worm on our fingers and we all grown way past the toddler that the mother will strap at her back while engaging in some kind of sinister love affair.

Chris O. Maduka

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