Uzodinma Lobbies To Produce Okigwe Senate Seat Winner, Says Okorocha, Ezenwa Are Against Him

The Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma is said to have intensified plans to make sure that whoever emerges as the Senator from the Okigwe Zone Senatorial rerun has his total imprimatur.
According to Trumpets a source in Abuja said that the Governor has been speaking to All Progressive Congress, APC top hierarchy to allow him to produce who bears the party’s ticket and the eventually winner of the contentious Senate Seat.

Uzodinma told the APC top shots in Abuja that it would be an embarrassment to him as the Governor, and APC Leader in the State to“lose” the position of Okigwe Senate Seat to someone who is not in his political camp, since the other two Senators of Orlu and Owerri are not his people. The source continued.

The Governor was said to have impressed it to “Abuja” that other Senators who represent Imo State in the Red Chamber are working against his interest as the Governor.
The Senators in question are Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who though is of APC, does not listen to Uzodinma, whom he has been having a serious political battle with recently. Okorocha represents Uzodinma as the Senator Orlu Senator. Chief Ezenwa Onyewuchi who represents Owerri Zone is of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and therefore does not differ to Governor Uzodinma.
Sources told this Newspaper that this scenario is disturbing Governor Hope Uzodinma who is now bent on producing at least one of the Senators from Imo State.

“How can a Governor function well at the National level without having members of the National Assembly behind him incase of any National issue? The worst is that out of the two Senators, the Governor does not have any of them on his side. It is very dangerous”.

It was learnt that Uzodinma has been finding it difficult to penetrate the APC hierarchy and have his way since most of the people who usually help facilitate such moves for him before at the APC National Office are dead or removed from office.
“Though what Uzodinma is doing is proper for a politician and a Governor of a State for that matter, but it has not been easy for him since Adams Oshimhole is no more the National Chairman of APC”.

But it was said that Uzodinma is not relenting in producing or having a hand on who emerges Okigwe Senator before the end of the year.

As at now, Uzodinma has two people in mind for the Okigwe Senate Seat; Senator Athan Achonu and Mrs Chidinma Uwajimogu.
Our sources said that both Uwajimogu and Achonu are the two options of Plan A and B for the Governor, who has resolved to work for either of the Aspirants depending on the situation at hand, and the given time.

However, the major obstacle now for Uzodinma’s plan to sail through is Senator Ifeanyi Araraume who has indicated interest to yet again go to the Senate, Uzodinma will meet his biggest challenge in producing the Okigwe Senator because Araraume who is like a Rock of Gilbrater in Okigwe Zone politics.

“Uzodinma will jam rock in Araraume, who will unleash his political structure nurtured for years to stream rollover whoever stands on his way to the Senate Seat”.
It was also learnt that Araraume and Okorocha are working together to give Uzodinma the political fight of his life in the Okigwe Senate race that has remained a problem since last election in 2015.

You know, in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy, but permanent interest. This time, Araraume and Okorocha are working together. And they will show Uzodinma their combined political strength when the time comes”.

Credit: Trumpeta

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