The Lack Of Fear Of God Part 2.

– Ebenezer Onyi

The fear of the Lord entails teaching the word of God to the next generation.
Many parent don’t teach their children God’s word. Many parent prefer a nanny to teach their children.

In Deuteronomy 4, Moses reminded the Israelites of what happened at Mount Horeb, how God wanted them to fear Him. And in chapter 6, he demanded that parent should teach their children and children’s children what they have heard and seen from the Lord.

Many parent don’t have time for the word of God not to talk of teaching their children.
I use to know a Christian child has started speaking when I hear him saying praise the Lord or hallelujah.
Today many Christan children learn their speeches with abusive words. Parent don’t care about these things, they will tell you the child will change when they grow up. Do you wonder why we have abusers of self and others among christian folks? A child learns from what he sees you as a parent do.

Why are most children of God bowing down to other gods in our time? It’s because parent didn’t teach them in the way of God.
It’s a big blow if your children don’t believe in your God.
How can you be teaching other people’s children and your children don’t believe in your God? What are you teaching? You don’t fear God.
I know of boys who are occult yet children of celebrated christians. Some will tell you it’s because of my father I joined this brotherhood.

Why do you take pleasure in disciplining other people’s children, but yours behave like Jezebel’s children? Be careful, lack of the fear of God brings disgrace. I know of girls who sell their bodies because of their parent. I also know a priest daughter who was put in a family way by her brother under their parents nose.
I know the devil fights but most times parent don’t observed their children. If you do, you can stop Satan.
Someone reading this post sleeps with the close relative, God still loves you and wants to help you.

A teacher asked his class pupils to write an essay on how their dad and mom quarrel and fight at home, out of 50 pupils in the class, it was only one who did not write. Why are you not writing boy? The teacher inquired, he said my dad and mom don’t fight or exchange words.
The truth is that the teacher repented because of that boy. Can your children talk about you well outside?

When your daughter is pregnant and you are the one suggesting abortion, how will they grow to serve your god?

The scriptures says teach your children what you saw the Lord do. Has the Lord saved you? Why not tell them your testimony. Some of us hide our mistakes from children. Becareful it doesn’t bounce back.
No wonder Joseph would not sleep with Pharaoh’s chief of staff wife.

If your children are not with you for 10 years, will they return back to serve your God?
The 3 Hebrew boys in the land of captivity remembered what they were thought and refused to bow down to a man made god. That’s the fear of the Lord.

Many parent teach their children how to hate and be rebellious. That’s why you see hate speech and attack not from outsiders but from christians. I won’t be surprised if I have one or more here.
Christians should be family members no matter your tribe, but today we hate ourselves because of what we inherited from our parent’s impact on us. Let repent and change.

Allow me to say that if anything happens to the word of God in our generation, God will hold parent responsible as well as children.

My parent taught me that abusing a fellow human is like any other sin, I can stand to say that I have never used any abusive word even on animals because I feel I will be sinning against the Lord. That does not mean I’ve not sinned anyway but there is this conciousness of what I was thought in my spirit and the grace of God has saved me totally.

My dad taught me about the Sabbath day, chaiii, I have not missed service since I was born. Even if I’m sick, I prefer to die in the house of God.
Would it surprise you why I’m still devoted to the God my father served? I know him and I fear Him.

My father of blessed memory told me that whatever I can’t do for myself, I should go to his God and report to him. Friends 27 years after his dimise, his God who is also my God helped me go to school, helped me marry a good wife, gave me good kids and He’s taking care of us.

There is someone the Lord is talking to this day, I don’t care how bad you have been addicted to alcoholism, sex or any sinful behavior, Jesus want to show you mercy.
You can not die in that situation. You can’t go to hell fire. I rebuke the devil for your sake in Jesus name.
Make a bold step. Distance is not a barrier, I will like to pray for you. Inbox me.

There is a parent who is regretting that you could not bring your children well in God’s way, if you will, let’s pray together. There’s going to be a testimony.
Thank you for reading, remain blessed.
I am only a yielded vessel.

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