The Lack Of Fear Of God Among Believers Part 1

– Ebenezer Onyi

The subject of lack of the fear of God has been neglected and relegated to the background of life by so many children of God.
The fear of God is not in the agenda of many christians, that’s why you see people behave ungodly.

People hide under the umbrella of Grace to do many unacceptable things as if grace is a license to sin. When you talk, they quote the scriptures to suit their sinful acts.
The Lord is soon coming with fiearce judgement.

If the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, lack of the fear of the Lord is the beginning of foolishness. So many children of God are foolish.

Its lack of the fear of God that makes so call christians to treat God’s children like animals. You can talk to a child of God the way you like without looking back, God is soon coming with fiearce judgement.

Its lack of the fear of the Lord that makes people see a man of God and challenge them any how but fear a witch or a witch doctor.

Lack of the fear of the Lord makes God’s children lie with tears to make people believe them but when a symbol of a shrine is given to them to swear, they fears and tell the truth. I’ve seen things in my few days in ministry.

Lack of the fear of God can make a Christian commit fornication and adultery even in church without thinking of the consequences but can’t try to even think evil close to a shrine. You fear the devil more than God? I pity you.

Lack of the fear of God hinders the blessing of the Lord upon His children. No father blesses a child that does not respect him. Many children of God don’t respect their God.
We pray to a God we don’t fear or respect. That’s why we struggle without results. God have mercy on us.

Its lack of the fear of God that makes a pastor to sleep with members that come to look for help in the church of God. Soon the story of Eli’s children will happen again.

It’s lack of the fear of the Lord that makes a singer commit abortion and boldly stand on the stage with their unclean hands raised to the God they don’t fear, in the name of worship. No wonder many heavens are closed.

Lack of the fear of the Lord makes a man fight God’s anointed and tell him, let me see what you will do. When you fight a man of Grace, the Grace in him will disgrace you. God will judge people who don’t fear Him.

Lack of the fear of God makes children of God cheat in examination and come to brag about how they studied hard.
It’s lack of the fear of God that makes a child of God reduce his age so that he can feat into a system. How old are you that’s reading this post? Now that you remember, what’s the age in your birth certificate? Someone is already afraid of this write up, hold on, there’s hope.

It’s lack of the fear of God that can make a so called man of God to seek for fake powers from evil spirits so he will be famous.
What you are saying is God can’t make me famous. Be careful! Judgement will surely start in the church, are you guilty or not?

Many of you reading this post are addicted to alcohol, pornography, masturbation and all kinds of immorality. Satan is gradually dragging you to hell.
Some of you are homosexuals and lesbians. You are confused and need understanding.
Repent and Jesus will help you.

What happened to you who use to burn for the Lord? Where is that fire people used to see?
You sold your self to a woman, you sold your destiny to a man. Have you forgotten how long it took you to get the anointing?
How comes you don’t Cherish what you have?Thank God you are not dead yet, there’s hope for restoration.

You see this God we are joking with, He is still a consuming fire. He can swallow sinners like He did to Pharoh and his armies in the red Sea.
He can still open the ground and bury people who don’t respect Him.
The same God who killed Ananias and Saphira is still alive and still powerful.
That same God that made Nebukkadnezer live in the bush for 7 years, is still powerful.
Listen! You may not like me, but this is what God says I should tell you, sin has never helped any one.
The soul that sinneth shall die.
The wages of sin is death.
Sin is a reproach. Repent friend while you have life. It might be too late after now.

He knew it when you stole. He saw you when you raped that girl. He knew when you killed.
This God knows what you are thinking now.

QUESTION: What will happen to you the next 5 minutes? Do you know where you will be?
I knew a man that went out of his house to purchase something from a nearby shop and he died there. He never came back home.

The reason why you are reading this post is so you make amends.
God is not like man, when you come to Him in repentance, He will show you mercy. He that confesseth his sin shall have mercy
Don’t allow this moment to pass you, make a U turn.
Don’t go to hell fire.
Confess your sins to Jesus, He will help you.
You can kneel down where you are and cry into God for repentance. He is with you.
Please if God is speaking to you and you need help, inbox me and I will tell you what to do.
God bless you for reading.

A message I would have preached today in a crusade but lock down stopped it. I’m sure heaven has gained someone again.
I am only a yielded vessel.

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