Dealing With Emotional Wounds, Pains And Deep Hurt In Our Heart (Part 1)

– Bishop Ibeneme S.C.

“For I will restore health to you; and heal you of your wounds, SAYS THE LORD; Because they called you an outcast saying: This is Zion; NO one seeks her”. Jeremiah 30:17 (NKJV)

God had you in mind when He spoke these words. Physical wounds can be easily treated than emotional wounds. The reason is that you can see or locate them, but emotional wounds cannot be located with diagnostic equipment or natural eyes

Today, a lot of people are silently weeping, others are moaning and sighing because of emotional wounds and secret pains in their hearts; as a result of rejection and disappointments as stated in our key scripture (Jer. 30:17).

Sister or Brother, how are you? O! I’m fine, God is good and He is faithful! It is not true, though God is good and He is faithful but you are not fine! When the Spirit of a man or a woman is wounded and the heart suffers from secret pains, affects the entire body and makes the person sick. This type of sickness does not respond to any form of medication and even prayers, until the emotional wounds are healed-(see Isaiah 1:5-6).

In our key scripture, God says, “I will restore back your health when your emotional wounds are healed”. (Jer. 30: 17).
There are beautiful people with shinning faces casting comfortably in the Church but are carriers of emotional wounds and suffers from secret pains that affect every other aspect of their lives. When one is sick and the healing is delayed. Satan who is a Lime water and extender of days of suffering adds emotional injury upon the Spiritual one he had caused earlier. As you treat the physical illness, the emotional one prevails on it that you begin to wonder what is happening to the patient. The fact is that the emotional wounds and pains are affecting the physical illness, rendering all the treatments ineffective.

Emotional wounds and injuries cannot be handled by medical doctors alone. The patients sometimes need the help of spiritually sound man or woman of God to deal with the forces behind the illnesses before prescription drugs can be Once there is an inner healing, the physical sickness will respond TO treatment and healing process will be hastened.


1 Emotional wounds are so heavy to carry. It causes heaviness in the heart. It opens the door for Spirit of heaviness to occupy the heart, and that is what is known as depression, but the scripture calls it “the Spirit of heaviness” (Isaiah 61: 3). [We shall discuss this subject very soon].

2 An emotionally wounded person is difficult to be delivered -see (Prov. 18:19).

3 Emotional wounds may lead to incurable sickness, but there is no sickness the Lord Jesus Christ cannot heal. See Prov. 17: 22; Jer. 8: 20-22.

4 Emotional wounds and secret pains hinder breakthrough – see Jeremiah 15:15 – 17.

5 What you allow to occupy your heart determines your destiny fulfilment. Prov. 4: 23; Matt. 5: 7-9

6 Emotionally wounded hearts are the habitation of demon spirits. (Matt. 18: 32 – 34). They come in to torment the victim.


i. Repent – Repentance opens the Gate of Heaven and
brings God into your situation (see Psalm 51: 17).

ii. Confess your sins to God; ask Him to forgive you, cleanse you with Jesus’ blood and have mercy on you.

iii. Consciously give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him to come into your heart and be your Lord and Saviour. He will give you peace and joy. He says, “My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives”.

iv. Forgive those who caused the bruises and wounds in your heart. This sometimes requires conscious efforts. Go in person, send emissaries and present gifts. I have witnessed many incurable diseases vanish when this difficult part of our Christian life was embarked upon. (See Mark. 11:25-26).

v. Ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse every wound in your heart with the Blood of Jesus and fill your heart with “oil of joy and oil of gladness”.

vi. Always listen to inspired preaching and teachings from God’s word; constantly read and feed on the word of God – It has a great cleansing power. (Psalm 119:9-11).

vii. Praise and worship God regularly because a merry heart does good like medicine. It praises God seven times a day. See Psalm 119:164-165.

viii. Praise, pray and sing in the Holy Ghost – pray in tongues regularly to charge your emotional batteries see 1 Cor.14:4; Jude v.20.

SHALOM, see you next week!

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