Nigeria Politics Is Like Nigerian Rating Which Is Strictly For Nigerians. “TINUBU Political Factor”

– Chris O Maduka

Watch when you see our financial institutions advertise on CNN or any other Global network or publications, you see something like Zenith bank Rated Aa, then look closer and you will see the small (ng).
So it will appear thus: Zenith bank Aa(ng). Simply telling you that this rating is by Nigerian standard and only relevant to the Nigeria market and business environment. Which means that the best of Nigeria in some instances is not worth a dime per dozen when subjected to the basic global standard.

That’s how I see Tinubu and most Nigerian politicians. They are not worth a dime per dozen. They are only relevant and can only function in the Nigerian setting where cunning is mistaken for wisdom, notoriety is mistaken for being famous and being a Robinhood and benevolent dictator is all part of the new Normal.

Just making it to the center with your gang members at the very devastating expense of majority of others is not being a leader. Enriching yourself to the point of carrying funds in Buliion Van’s while a bunch of your people are wallowing in poverty and the state you made your money from is by all international standard a decayed giant ghetto is not being a leader.

What’s more; let’s look at the performance and the records of those he took to the center. Really nothing to write home about. Did I hear someone mention VP Osinbajo? Where’s he today and what role or impact has be made. Is it the overrated Fashola that was talking from the sidelines about Electricity but when given the chance to play he turned out to be a monumental disaster. How about his cousin from Osun Arigbesola that left Osun state in tartas. Or is it the Governor Ambado who in all fairness was on the right track but was unceremoniously removed for steering Lagos state away from Agbero politics in Lagos. He was removed and Asiwaju effectively returned Lagos to what it has always been despite the hype.

Taking a dispassionate look at the Asiwaju political machine, it is obvious that he has destroyed democracy more than he has helped to entrench it.

Tinubu is the Author and finisher of every Lagos state politicians fate. His vote is the only vital that counts especially in the regional internal democracy. He over rules and vetoes what ever that does not serve his interest. So what do we call this🤷🏾‍♂; democratic leader or Emperor? Such is not possible in Igboland.

It is Tinubu brand of politics and governance that made individuals to loom higher than institutions which is the reason most society stunted and never made sustainable progress.

I can see if Tinubu championed a more Unified Southern Nigeria and a more progressive Lagos with better tribal harmony. He did the opposite.

Yeah, I agree that by the Nigeria useless standard that is really no standard at all, of course he counts.

But let’s not be fooled. The truth is that most of the people within the four walls of Nigeria today occupying some of the most strategic positions can be employable only in Nigeria and no where else, as they made their way through acceptable mediocrity and based on other considerations unrelated to competence, proven track records, commitment and hard work.

Lagos City

In Nigeria once you successfully snatch a ballot box or even beat down an opponent during elections you are already penciled down for PA or SA. Once you are from certain part of the country automatically you are on your way.

That’s what we are celebrating here as some kind of political success story.
Anything outside using your political office or position to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people is not leadership in my own opinion. It is being Master of intrigues and smiling to the banks.

This Is My Response To The Post Below By Sir P.👇🏾

Funny defence, as if politics is no more about relevance. I stand with Uzonna Ononye the writer of this piece of notorious fact!. Asiwaju Tinubu hate or love him has continued to stand tall in Nigeria politics since 1999. Osibanjo, Fashola, lai Mohammed, gbajabiamila, obanikoro, Sunday dare, Aregbesola, Joe Igbokwe, Ben Akabueze, …and even Buhari. The list goes on, these are some of beneficiaries of Tinubu political dynasty. On the contrary Selfishness, pride, arrogance and familocracy has continued to hold our igbo politicians bound. Take a retrospective look at OUK administration in Abia between 1999 and 2007 purely familocracy and Okorocha between 2011 and last year. Today PDP, tomorrow APC or Apga.
We are just wasting our time in politics frankly.
– Sir P.

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