Why Cross The Red Sea When You Won’t Let Egypt go?

– Evang. Ebenezer Onyi

Why come to Christ when you won’t forsake the world?
Christianity began to be watered down when we felt the need to make people comfortable in the house of God(woe to them that are at ease in Zion…).
We brought comedians to the house of prayer just to pacify our impatient cry babies.
We brought in cinemas to replace bible study.

Pst. Onyi under Holy Ghost

We brought parties to shake the bodies that Jesus gave us!
Haaa! My generation has totally lost it!

We stopped singing those songs that helped our resolve like “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back” “Take the world and give me Jesus” “The things I used to do, I do them no more” “Goodbye world, I stay no longer with you, goodbye pleasures of sin, I stay no longer with you. I’ve made up my mind to go God’s way the rest of my life”…
Today, we give God ultimatums : God if you don’t give me a car by this year, I’ll join yahoo boys, I’ll join runs babes.

The bridge is out! This is a generation of people who know not God for themselves but by information..
If we don’t repair this bridge, the next generation will be completely lost.

Let’s preach the cross again with all its sufferings

Let’s focus on heaven and build our treasures there

Let’s have spiritual goals rather than body goals, hair goals, relationship goals etc

At most 100yrs and you’re gone. Eternity is too long to gnash your teeth, I beg you.
Let’s change.
I am only a yielded vessel.

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