The Ark And Its So Many Significance

– Evang. Ebenezer Onyi

I took interest to study the ark of the covenant of the old testament, and got some facts that I want to share with us today.
The ark has so many significance. It represented the presence of God among His people (O.T). It also represents Jesus within us in the (N.T).

Pst. Ebenezer Onyi in Worship Mode

As I looked closely into that dry box, I saw three item that are very vital in every Christian’s life namely; the golden pot that had the manner. Aron’s dry rod that budded. The tablet of of the law that men broke.

1. The golden pot which had manna, signifying that in Jesus, your daily bread is guaranteed and can never go bad. I pray for you, in this season of lack and scarcity, God will supply all your daily bread. You and yours will not beg for food in Jesus name.

2. The second thing I saw in the ark was Aaron’s rod that budded. That rod was a dead dry staff of an almond tree but it budded and bore fruit which shows us that in Christ Jesus, everything that is dead can come alive, blossom, and bear fruit. I pray for you today whatever is called death in your life, family and business, in the name of Jesus, receive life and vitality. I declare that you will bear fruit that will attract dignitaries to your life in Jesus name.

3.The third thing I saw in the ark is the tablet of covenant that men broke before it was given. It makes us to know that in the law, no man can be justified except in Christ alone. I pray for you, every covenant that is holding you from knowing God well shall be broken in Jesus name. These are facts we all need to know about being in Christ. If you are in Christ, you are no longer in condemnation. There is freedom from old fashion on someone today.

Note please:
Something caught my attention seriously and i want you to see it with me. The ark of covenant had two long poles by its side that enabled the levites to carry it from one place to another. As i started looking at those sticks, a word came to mind and i knew that our God is a moving God.

God is not a monument; He is a movement.
Our God is a progressive God.
He is a plowing God. He is a show working God.
Friends, our God is alive and always moving ( see Gen.1:2).
Anytime people want to cage God in religion and Methodism, you will not see God. He will leave them.

The Ark Of Covenant

Religion has frustrated most of us so much because religion is stagnant. Listen! Walking with God is a moving thing, a growing thing, and a developing thing. Let us come out of the idol of religion and embrace a God that shows working.

And the Lord started dealing with me thus; this is why I’m not seen the way l should be seen in churches. I am not a religious God. Religion is dead but I am living and powerful. Most men and women are so devoted to their religion and in their mind they think they are godly and are walking with me, its a lie says the Lord.
I don’t associate with dead things. I don’t stay in stagnancy.

Boy, He called me; do you know I can be likened to both current and currency? By implication, I flow! I want to flow in the affairs of men.
Do you know I’m too busy to be caged in religion? If you want to see more of me, be active. Engage me son. I want to move in your life. And i said yes Lord! (God wants you to engage Him in you life). Try me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that no room can contain.

I encourage you brothers and sisters in Christ, let us allow God to walk among us. Let Him take over our churches and families. Let Him take over our business and carriers. Have we not tried on our own enough? Give him change now.

The Layout Of The Tabernacle

The Church should be a place of power and glory. The church should be the final bus stop. People should not come to church sick, and and go back the same way or even worst than they came. The church should be a place of deliverance and holiness.

No disability came to the apostle’s church and went back the same way.
People did not die in Jesus time the way they do today in church.
Why is it that the people who make the population of our churches are people with problems? Does it mean God does not heal again? Yes He does, but He is not in most of our gatherings. We take their tithes and offerings and they go back with problems. It is an error!
I talk to members, I talk to priests. If a priest can not function well, you have access to the source of power. Let Him move in you rather than blame another man’s servant.

What is moving in your church M.O.G, God or religion? I leave us with this questions, if you answer it well, you will know why we are struggling rather than enjoying God these days.
Engage God and see the difference.
To be continued. More grace to us
God bless all my friends……..

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