Be Christian And Sound Like A Christian

– Ebenezer Onyi

If you are a Christian, you will sound like a Christian, no matter how you pretend. You will not know how to speak like people of the world.
Peter was in the midst of people who were happy they will crucified Jesus, his master. He started talking with them, someone told him told him, sir surely you are one of them. Your speech betrays you. You don’t talk like one of us.

Pst. Onyi Dishing The Word

Note friends; anytime you speak with unbelievers and they get comfortable with your speeches, irrespective of your status in church, society or government, you are very close to hell. You have backslidden for a long time.
Anytime you preach and a sinner tells you, your preaching is great and he shakes your hands, Sir check yourself, Satan is planning to kill you.
The earlier you repent and ask God for fire, the better for you.

The preaching of the gospel is accompanied with demonstration of power. A child of God conversation should be followed power to make a sinner uncomfortable in sin.
The fire of God should burn through the word you speak.

What happened to you? You used to be on fire. Before you became a man of God, they called you pastor and many were not comfortable when you are around. Today they can talk any thing in your presence and you laugh with them. Same on you, you will soon be roasted by Satan.

Repent while you still have life. You can bounce back and Jesus will empower you again. Peter came back and because the first evangelist to preach and win souls for the kingdom after Jesus has ascended. You too can make a difference. Let us pray.
A broken and a contrite heart, God will not despise.
I am only a yielded vessel.

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