Why Nnamdi Kanu And His Agitators Are Misunderstood!

-Chris O. Maduka

I think what majorly constitutes the angst and rage among those that are so preoccupied with IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu is that these guys and the the Igbos for most part have defied all long held assumption and proven all those misguided opinions or those contrivednotions that the Igbos have no leaders, or that the Igbos cannot submit to an authority or rally behind a common cause as baseless and false.

Under the leadership of NK they’ve proven all these assumptions to be false, as the IPOB and their growing supporters have remained resolutely loyal to the NK and to the cause they believe in.

This is their biggest fear and cause for concern and renew assault and offensive which may have forced them into recruiting some of our vulnerable and deeply compromised brothers to discredit and attempt to scatter this gathering moment, albeit too little too late.

Some of them have remained loyal even unto death. In fact, the growing injustices and stance of the present administration has been the biggest boost to the IPOB agitation.

It has also helped to radicalize these young people, whom were not just told about the atrocities of the civil war, they are actually seeing the atrocities in this elusive peace time as we speak.

Though some may still be under the illusion that this is still isolated pedestrian agitation, but the reality is that the rank and files of Igbos across the world are rallying behind this group as their voices are rising and as they a maturing and geriing more sophisticated in their mythology and approach.

It is a mere matter of time. God is watching.

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