WAEC Suspension: Generations Shall Judge Us All About Things We Have Prioritised.

– Valentine.

Amidst covid19 education was suspended under the guise to secure children, the same children who spend almost 12hours in the market, 8 hours at occasions and almost the whole day wallowing aimlessly in the street.

Yet, the same overtly concerned people are those campaigning arrogantly without observing social distancing.

I read books about wars, and the least of them by Chimamanda in her book “Half of a yellow sun”, she found time teaching children under the trees and in hideouts to keep them abreast with knowledge. Can this Covid-19 be worse than the civil war we suffered, yet some people found it convenient to lock down schools.

Most schools have one entrance and exit.

A child can be sanitised
Most wear nose mask
Most not allowed to go out after getting in
Recreation can be suspended
Even wearing of gloves can be introduced
At the gate, temp checking equipment can be introduced, and once a child’s temp reads above normal she can be sent home.

Photos used for illustration

With these, how can a normal thinking person think a child can contract Covid-19? Knowing fully well that the said child is in the market/Church/occasion where the aforementioned protective procedures aren’t active?


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