EFCC Boss Magu: Is Corruption Still Fighting Back? Or Is Corruption Corrupting Corruption.

– Chris Maduka

MAGU Is Here To Stay.

Funny enough the huge dizzying primitive accumulation of wealth and material items were taken from other people through mere technicality and accusations. Often without even a court order \nor final forfeiture judgement from court of competent jurisdiction.

EFCC Under Magu Became the biggest Government approved and licensed organized crime syndicate in the world.
Magu ran a criminal enterprise that have now made Hushpuppi look like a kid he truly is.

The president and the Asorock APC leadership must be totally blamed for this cesspool of evil and corruption.

The Asorock in their destructive nepotism has confined and ceded some of the most sensitive and strategic positions to their Northern brethren who infact, are not qualified nor have the integrity for the jobs. They give them the cover that allow them to act with impunity. So why can’t we have Magu and Miinna?

Also, It seems abundantly clear that the EFCC which is now the exclusive reserve of the Northern boys company is now a backdoor way of dis- possessing the hardest working Mostly Southern citizens of their legitimate wealth. Magu Efcc has been the terror and licensed embezzlers.

The author of the whistle blower legislation and asset recovery consultant Dr. George Uboh once alleged that since 1999 that the EFCC has recovered 1.9 trillion Naira in both cash and materials but none of these monies was found in the federation account.
I recall Magu admitting to this in front of the news papers in Nigeria. Then afterwards, nothing happened.

Instead they ganged up and went after Dr. George Uboh and even arrested him. Speaking of corruption fighting back! It has been fighting back and corruption has been corrupting corruption.

Granted, Efcc may have done few good things prior to MAGU. But Magu who openly exhibited crass incompetence and cluelessness during an interview with Maupe Ogun on channels has been nothing but vindictive and selective in the prosecution of the so called war on corruption. He’s been the whip used to whip political opponents to behave and do the bidding of the Executive or Magu will come calling. Indeed the fear of Magu became the beginning of wisdom for nearly all and sundry with skeleton in their closet or or mere bones in their brief case.

All these he did while being the biggest thief. Magu’s action is beyond stealing. By his actions, he has destroyed so many legitimate cases, because he has tampered with the evidence, making them inadmissible in court. In a any normal society, tampering with evidence is one of the most severest offences that will definitely send you to jail. So even if they came up with some of those shameless opinions and send him away to Dubai, Magu supposed to still answer for tampering with the incontrovertible issue of evidence tampering.

When people spoke out and alleged certain degree of malfeasance going on around the EFCC they. Apologists brilliantly came up with the phrase: CORRUPTION FIGHTING BACK! This mantra was mostly propagated by the same Lai Mohammed Femi Adesina and the mostly APC supporters especially the SouthWest APC and the brown envelope media.

This is true even when the DSS equally confirmed through their report to the Senate urging the legislative body to decline Magu’s confirmation. The President and his APC apologists, those who often reduce everything to APC/PDP divide as if any difference really exists between the two gangs of umbrella and broom holding people that have completely destroyed this country while looking for scape goats to blame simply remained adamant.

I simply shudder. And let me even make a prediction to all who may care to listen: nothing will happen to Magu. Magu will grow from strength to strength. Magu did not act alone and those in high places he enriched through his Robinhood actions will protect and preserve him. And come 2023 Magu will station more Bullion Van’s in one of his luxury homes as the politicians will come to pay homage and get his endorsement, blessing and even cash to contest and steal election and even make him more returns on his political investments.

Magu is here to stay just like so many others before him scattered all over Nigeria enjoying their loot in peace and Harmony, nothing will happen to Magu. He’s now a true and proven Nigeria bigot. Am sure many are scampering to get his personal number so that he can bless them. Yes, he has so much. He can bless so many.

It is already an old news as we speak. We are waiting for another pandora box to be opened. Next; customs, Minstry of Finance, FIRS, CBN and you name them. Who could guess. It has become part of past time entertainment without any manifest consequences or even serious reprimand.

Nigeria is like the name it has been called by everybody across the world.

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