There Is A Strong Bond In Brotherhood (Love) – Mentor Clinton

– Mentor Clinton


I was in the exam hall on that fateful day and my phone kept ringing over and over again from a brother who just denounced cultism, so I had to pick because I suspected there could be an emergency, then I had the voice of someone experiencing excruciating pains, and he muttered over the phone, “Papa I’m dieing, I’m under serious pains, I’m bleeding all over” then I asked him what happened in curiosity, and he responded, “Papa, my brothers came to treat my f**kup, they said I must return to the fraternity”

When I had this, I had to submit my exam paper and raced to the fellowship Secretariat where my brother in Christ ran to for safety from his former brothers in cult fraternity.

This is a true life story of one of my experiences in the higher institution where I was privileged to serve as a J.C.C.F President.

This unfortunate incident taught me a big lesson about brotherhood that I will never forget.

While in the higher institution, I was a member of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship ( RCF) before I was chosen to serve in JCCF( Joint Christian Campus Fellowship) and umbrella body that unites the Christian believers of various denominations on campus.

One day while ministering in RCF, one brother came under the power of the Holy Spirit uncontrollably and after some days he confided in me that he was a key leader in a dreaded cult group on campus but that God has encountered him and he has decided to denounce his membership in the cult group and to return all the sensitive hit equipments of the fraternity under his custody by the reason of the office he held, I prayed with him and encouraged him to return them.
The next time he called me to inform me that his cult brothers refused to let him go and threatened he will not be alive to leave them.
He was visited, followed up, harassed and intimidated by his brothers in the fraternity to return to their fold.
The brothers were consistent in following up on him to return for over three months until the end of the semester when exams are going on.

This is the spirit and bond of brotherhood that exists amongst children of darkness.
They do not give up on their own easily, they cherish the evil bond they share with each other.
They do everything possible to ensure they don’t loose their own.

They hold their field Marshalls in high esteem and jealousy guard against loosing one of their own.

On the other hand, it grieves my heart when Christians don’t care about their brothers.

Could it be that we don’t understand or have forgotten that Christianity is indeed a brotherhood, we are bonded by the blood of the new covenant in Christ.
When we take communion in church, we drink the blood and flesh of our Lord and Savior, and yet we don’t value or comprehend the bond of brotherhood.

The Bible says,

1 Peter 2:17 – Honour all [men]. Love the brotherhood.🔥🔥 Fear God. Honour the king.

John 13:35 – By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Hebrews 13:1 – Let brotherly love continue.

Brothers in Christ, why do we not care about the state of one another? why do we rejoice in the falling away of another? why do we send our brothers out of the fold by our actions and inactions? why do we not bother about loosing one of us? why do we turn a blind eye to the plights of our brothers? why do we not fight for the soul of our brothers?

Brotherhood is a spiritual asset because it matters to God, that’s why He called from Heaven to ask Cain, “where is your brother Abel”

God is asking us today, where is your brother and may your response not be like that of Cain who was instrumental to the fall of his own brother.

This season is a time we should care about and for each other.
It’s a time to lend a helping hand, it’s a time to care and it’s a time to show genuine love.

To end my story, when I saw my brother bleeding and in pains, a holy anger came on me and I requested for the phone number of the “Capone”, then I made him to understand that the young man now belongs to a new family and brotherhood of Christ, and the new family is ready to fight for his safety. This settled the matter and brought joy to heaven.

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