I Rejected #5M And A Prado Jeep From Politicians During 2019 Gubernatorial Election -Nonso Nkwa

During the build up of 2019 Gubernatorial elections in Imo; I was offered N5m & a Prado Jeep to support a particular Guber Candidate

I turned it down!

I have been offered a free loan of N100m without interest to pay in 10 years to support a particular government in power..

I turned it down!

What makes you think I will change tomorrow after these mouth watering offers?

Before I was born, A Man of God told my mum that the child she was carrying will be a destiny child whose actions will draw the attention of the world and enemies would abound!

God proved He is God in 1988 ( 9yrs) when I went into coma for three days and was revived after all hope was lost….

I am aware of my destiny and what the people expect of me, therefore I cant fail those who trust me by becoming greedy and abandoning the divine assignment heaven sent me here to do! God forbid!!!!

I will remain faithful till the end of time by the Special Grace of God who called me!

Therefore do not compare me with any man because our calling are not the same!!

Some were to betray at the end,while some were called to remain faithful till the end!!!

Nonso Nkwa

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