Man Wants To Divorce Wife For Sleeping With Landlord In Place Of Rent

My wife is sleeping with my landlord under my roof.

My wife and I got married 16 years ago. We are blessed with five children, three boys and two girls. Before we got married, she was doing well more than me in financial aspects. So she was the one who is really helping me financially while we were not yet married. And also, she was never bordered on me not giving her money, anytime I attempts to do that, she will reject it vehemently.

So at a stage I persisted that she should accept my money which she later reluctantly agreed. Anytime I give her like 1k then as pocket money, she will smile and thank me. Before one week, she will send like 4k to me in return with “don’t thank me” in an SMS. Our love grew stronger from primary stage to secondary stage with these affectionately love showing.

After sometime, I really delayed in talking about marriage things with her. Infact I was thinking that it’s not good to delay such a good lady an opportunity for other men to approach her because I am not ready to start a family as of then (NB: it’s because of financial limitations) but I don’t know how to tell her about it. This is a lady that has been helping me and advising me in all areas of life she could.

So one day I finally took courage and told her, “Cynthia, please don’t be angry with me for we have dated so long but I am yet to talk about marriage things, it’s nothing but money issues. Please this is a cause that I am battling with, forgive me”… (Already I had in mind of telling her to look for another man that I am no longer interested in the relationship having given her my cogent reason of not being interested again just to save her time considering age reasons which at times associates with ladies in marriage)

Before I could enter the next statement after I have already said “forgive me” which a mild and intended mutual break up message will follow after. She interrupted me and said “Babe but some people started small and they are now enjoying big”. With an ecstatic feeling like someone who has been rejuvenated from death to life, I immediately replied “Yes Nne I can attest to that, yes I knew some of them”. I ended the conversation with her that day in a joyful mood.

Three months later I proposed to her and she accepted. My joy that day knew no bound. A woman I have been craving for all my life accepted my proposal. That day I threw a small party in our compound. All the neighbors was like “Emmanuel we have known you for very long time and you have never done such thing in your life, please tell us what is happening?” I also told them that those people who are doing party everytime, started one day, they all laughed.

A year later we got married though there was a little opposition from her family side concerning our union which I am sure that it arose as a result of the fact that I am not financially buoyant but when they found out that their daughter insisted, they had no other option left than to give us parental blessings in our marital institution.

Second year into my marriage, good fortune came to us and we started living as one of the wealthy people but I am not being proud of using the word ‘wealthy’ here because I usually reach out to the Less Privilege always. I also bought two bungalows here in Lagos on the course.

With a joint effort alongside my business partners, we set up a limited liability company. The business was flourishing very well until a problem which was beyond our control came up and our company fold up. Due to the nature of our business, I had to sell everything I have in this world including my two bungalows just to settle the debts we incurred on the long-run of the business which was majorly caused by my business partners.

Sadly, I went back to square one. My wife and I were better when we were dating than now because there was no kids then. We immediately packed out of the house we were living went to a “face me I face” house here in Ajegunle. This is someone who was once an owner of a beautiful and modern bungalow in Victoria Island.

It happened that I have not paid eight months rents since things turned harder for us. My wife has been the one paying for it. This is a landlord who you will never owe even a month rent. You will pack out without wasting time after being given warning and quit notice. One family packed out as they owed just one month salary but I am always thanking God for touching my landlord heart on my own side.

One day I had an access to my wife phone when she went to bath because I don’t check her phone. I just decided to read her WhatsApp chats, lo and behold, my wife is sleeping with the landlord with what I saw and it’s a naughty message from landlord but my wife is not interacting so naughty with him. So I confronted her about it and she confessed her crime and cried bitterly. I was emotionally touched by her remorseful actions seeing a woman I love crying.

I asked how many months she has been doing that, she replied that it started since seven months ago. She said the reason why landlord is not asking for house rents from us is because she has been giving him sex starting from then and the sex will be used as the payment for the house rent. I then remembered her words everytime the month is ending that I should not worry that she has already settled the landlord. If I ask her how she was able to garner enough savings for it, she will reply that I should not worry that “God is Good”.

She has been crying bitterly that I should forgive her that her actions was wrong but she did it just because of the love she had for me. How can someone who claims to love me cheat with another man just to prove her love to me? She has been giving what solely belongs to me to an old man in the name of the love she had for me. Who does that? How can I look at it again and proudly say “This Precious gold in-between is my property?” How will I believe that it’s only that man she admitted to have been having sex with is the only outsider she has slept with?

She has been seriously begging me but I am annoyed with her right now and very upset to whatever she does. My wife is a cheater! I admit to that. I am planning to dissolve this marriage, I don’t think I can continue with this marriage again because the trust I have in it have ended. I can testify this woman really loved me before but I don’t know for now again, how can she be sleeping with our landlord just to pay the house rent.

I know I may not have it but we can find another alternative than her given another man the Gold I hearty desire for. Will I still call the Gold my personal belongings again? And I really love this woman with all my heart that I may miss her but her action is what broke my heart.

Please I want to divorce her, advice me on what to do.


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