Hushpuppi Challenge, Igbos And Attachment With Crime By Other Tribes

We Are Now Committed To Fixing Every Stupidity Targeted At ‘Us’.


-David O. Ani

Now that the heat is over.

I want to talk to Igbos suffering from inferiority complex, Igbos craving for acceptance and Igbos mentally damaged.

If there is any day someone bearing Igbo name is caught in any crime home or abroad and you go to your wall to write some nonsense like the example I will give below, God from heaven will knock your mouth.

Some nonsense like;

“We Igbos need to talk to ourselves” Igbos need to call their children to order” “Igbos need to tell themselves the truth” or any other stupid talk that holds Igbos accountable for an individual’s crime. Don’t ever dare be that stupid again.

In the last few days, you see how we handled Hushpuppi as a single fraud, no tribe was advised, no tribe was called to give their youth more home training….. It was Hush’s cross to carry. Did you see that? So, you have agreed not to be stupid again? Okay.

Don’t worry, we have never failed to throw it back when it is coming from outsiders, we are more pained with home grown folly. We are well able to return stupidity to wherever it is coming from.

Ask Ali Baba when he stupidly asked Ohaneze ndigbo to call their youth to oder because some Igbo kids committed some fraud…..we drew his father’s compound for him.

We are now committed to fixing every stupidity targeted at us but let it not come from home. Having a stupid child is a painful ordeal.

Criminals represents no tribe or even families and we will make sure anyone stupid enough to toe that line is shamed to his father’s house.

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