My Sincere Response To All Accusations – Nathan Udeze

-PaulNathan Udeze

1John 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

(1) March 6th 2014, was the day the excommunicated Gs was suspended, Udeze stood up and questioned the decision. TST joined to question the decision.

(2) Udeze implored violence, the whole TST joined and became violent.

(3) Udeze implored propaganda, half truth, half lies, abuses of leaders; the whole TST followed suit and called him their lion and a hero.

(4) Udeze soon came back to his senses, convicted by the Holy Spirit and left six positions,(1)Youth Director, (2) Senior Pastor Awk. 1 Church, (3)Lecturer Crown Theological Seminary,(4) Director C.A.S.O.R,(5) Director Crown Theological Seminary Weekend Programme,(6)Dean of Students Affairs CTS, which he held under rebellion and went back to started from the scratch, just to be at peace with God: TST refused to follow rather accused him of seeking for position and money which he left behind.

(5) Udeze went on his kneels, apologized to the Church, her leadership, Papa Osueke and wrote a letter of apology to Senator Egwu through the suspended GS, Dr Chidi Okoroafor: guess what? TST cried fowl! They refused and vowed not to follow.

(6) Udeze their hero became a devil, a leper, greedy, bribed and wicked; could it be that TST only follows that which is evil and not that which is good and righteous?
(7) The question is tst, who has bewitched you? Where is Christ in all your abuses, lies and deceit? Must you follow that which is evil? Were you all evil but hid it, only to find a little window of opportunity through AG crisis to express it? Have any one of you ever met with Christ? Have you ever met anyone who had an encounter Christ? Do you think that Christianity is gain? Apostle Paul says that he lost all that were gain to him for Christ sake. Those who met with Christ genuinely do not talk about gain but what they lost for Christ sake.

(8) You have all read Rev Dr Charles OSUEKE response and that’s very instructive. His goal for this past sixty years in the Lord is to be more and more like Christ: Apostle Paul says follow me even as I follow Christ. That’s why I chose to follow him!
(9) So many have asked me, “Udeze, what happened?” My reply was I decided to follow Christ and allow Him fight for me, so that I will not insist on position and miss heaven . Heaven alone is my goal! Take all the positions, but just give me Jesus! I am satisfied!!

(10) I know that presently the hate for me had increased astronomically because several people asked me to keep quiet about the last March 6th 2020 but I refused: the reason is because I am now one of the leaders of Assemblies of God Nigeria for life, having successfully lead a unit of the Church. The history of Assemblies of God will never be complete without my name, so I can’t keep quiet anytime any issue threats the unity and future of the church, whether I have position or not. So it is no longer TST that hates me but those who think that the Church should condole immorality, so long it concerns a beloved popular leader. Sorry, I refuse to agree, the Church of Jesus Christ has no place for any known sin from any quarter!

(11) Finally, I am no longer your hero and your lion; I am now a slave of Jesus Christ. I do not care about honour,power, position and wealth; I rejoice only in shame, disgrace, dishonour, persecution, rejection, lack, abuses, demotion and pains. As long as that would give you the satisfaction to return to Christ and take up your own Cross.

May God again bless my most beloved Daddy, Rev Dr Charles OSUEKE for insisting on making his only goal for sixty years now, knowing Christ. As long as you have chosen to always follow Christ, look back, you will always see me following you. I love you all!
God bless Rev Dr Charles OSUEKE, Rt. General Superintendent after over 22 years of meritorious service.
God bless Rev Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, Acting Gen. Supt. Assemblies of God Nigeria.
God bless all AG members!

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