Liverpool Beaten 0-4 By Man-City Days After Crowned Champions.

It’s unbelievable that few days after Liverpool of England won to become the current Champions, they have been humbled/humiliated by Man City 4-0 Liverpool.

According to The Guardian, City win this skirmish after Liverpool have already settled the campaign. In that sense, what happened here today doesn’t matter. But Liverpool will be at least slightly miffed at being dismantled by their nearest rivals, especially as they contributed to their own defeat with some uncharacteristically shambolic defending Gomez and Robertson were all over the shop, and Mané and Firmino were ragged up front.

City were technically excellent at times, with De Bruyne, Sterling and Foden all excellent and Rodri a constant influence. It’ll be interesting to see how Liverpool react to this: shrug it off and let the rest of the season fizzle out? Or come back and annihilate poor old Aston Villa on Sunday? There’ll be personnel changes for that game, I’ll wager.

Klopp congratulates Guardiola after the champions loose the match 4-0. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian/NMC Pool

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