As We Celebrate Nke-Nke Enyi Izuogu,A Digital Philantropist Per Excellence Of The 21st Century

History has a way of announcing a personality even when the figure chose to be silent over achievements he has made and ones yet to be accomplished.Many people were born to come, see and conquer, but many came saw and disappeared from the planet Earth.

Only few came, saw and conquered, among these few is a man who is a silent achiever, a selfless servant, a leader by divine, his works are speaking loud at various communities, local governments and States, His name is on the lips of thousands of people who neither have seen not have a personal contact with him, yet they feel the impact of his works.You have your people’s need as your personal priority, their health is your utmost concern hence the emergence of Natalia Ezuma Specialist Hospital. A hospital where pregnant women, the aged and Children are taking good care of with state of the art facilities almost free of charge.

We the staff and management of New Media Galaxy felicitates with you Chief Dr. Amb. Ikenna Aniche, Nke Nke Enyi Izuogu (Gburu Gburu 1-12), as you on your birthday. Your contributions toward upliftment of mankind can never be forgotten.

Every of your birthday is a special gift to those who have had the pleasure of having you around them.Your birthdays bring joyful memories of your fulfilled life and reminds us of your brotherly acceptance and service to entire humanity especially those who have been beneficiary of your Philanthropy without knowing you one on one.Your People are immersly Proud of you as a through son, Imo State have a great Son in you and are eagerly waiting for you to cough so that they can Crown you. You are a king maker ordained by God.

It’s yet another milestone achieved!Your simplicity is too deep to describe, humility in everything you are known for.You are a father to many people home and abroad, we say Happy birthday to Lion in the jungle, Okpuru Is Ruru Oha.

Nke-Nke Enyi Receiving Award

May God continue to keep you and preserve you even to make all your dreams to come true Happy Birthday Nke-Nke Rnyi Izuogu 1-12 .


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