Tinubu Part Of An Era That Destroyed Once A Promising Nation

– Chris O Maduka

Olusola George Olumoroti wrote a long piece showering praises on the former Governor of Lagos state and now the National leader of APC.

He described him as a man that made other men. Naming some of those who served under his administration as governor of Lagos state as they proceeded to become something bigger is the Nigerian failed or success project (you be the judge).

He basically described him as a political wizard and near infallible leader. He proceeded to ironically name some of the businesses attributable to his “Hero and idle” Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Ahmed, the Jagaban and the Lion of Bourdilion road Ikoyi. These are what make him truly the owner of Lagos PLC.

This sycophantic praise singer and his likes are perhaps citing these things to impress the citizens of this country as their gang leader is warming up for 2023 Presidential contest.
For instance; he completely forgot that the TV continental he mention was built at the site reserved for educating the future leaders, Lagos state polytechnic. He forgot that we cannot even ascertain what his political idle actually do for a living to amass such stupendous wealth.

Anyway, below is my Response to these type of peculiar Nigeria way of legitimizing and praising wrong and setting the wrong leadership precedence:👇🏾



Those who think that this is impressive must have their mindset reprogrammed because what we have here is not leadership and grooming anything.

They need to be reminded that leadership is using the available resources to do the greatest good, for the greatest number of people. Let’s also be reminded that being a Robinhood or benevolent dictator of sort does not make you a leader. Yet these are what some enlightened people have come to equate as leadership -Tinubu brand.

It is more like gang membership and cronies that took over once a liberal state that can best be described as the truly Nigeria melting pot and skewed it to one corner as they relegated the real educated, tolerant, liberal real indigenous Lagosians to the back burner. Those Aworis, the Omo Ikorodus, Epe and the one we call the Returnees; the descendants of the freed slaves from Brazil, Sierra Leone and else where. These are those Lagosian with the English and Spanish sounding surnames: Bensons, Anthony’s, Williams, Johnsons, Davis, Dasilvas, Rhodes, Braithuate, among so many others found around the Isale Eko Lagos Island where we still have Brazillian neighbourhood and remnants of the culture till thisbday. These were the people that built Lagos with our collective wealth. Where are they today?

These were the people holding sway before now. These were the people basically overthrown by the Tinubu gang following the violent assassination of Funso Williams who was most certain to have won that Governorship election that year and effectively ending the civility and liberalism that Lagos was once known for.

So those Citing this as an example of leadership are merely buoyed by the fact the some are attempting to rewrite history to be kind to them.

Considering what Lagos has truly become in real fundamental ways as predicated on the real human relationship; are we going to say that Lagos still has its luster and attraction as that center of excellence? I don’t think so. Lagos has regressed and totally mismanaged.

Lagos is far more divided and polarized today than it has ever been. Environmentally speaking and quality of life, Legos is a hell hole. A growing giant ghetto where life had become nearly unbearable and brutish, but often over rated by those running the Lagos Plc, a conglomerate for Tinubu and his gang members.

The things that were once non issues are today the very polarizing issues in Lagos due to the brand of Asiwaju Tinubu political god-fatherism , thuggery and dis enfranchisement of other tribes resident in Lagos.
Tinubu introduced and exploited the hate and resentment by some of the Yorubas towards the Igbos especially for his political gains and survival.

Does popular democracy of majority wins or elections mean anything in Lagos? It is only Tinubu vote and endorsement that counts and often counted against anything else the Lagosians decided at the poll. Is that something anyone wants to entrench as a new normal instead of the aberration it is?

Same failed move made by his protege late Obafemi Awolowo whom the Revisioniats are working hard everyday trying portray as benign true National leader instead of the sectional tribal leader that bet on the wrong side of history he was.

Under Tinubu dynasty, religion that was once a non issue became a big issue in Lagos state. Today, the Yoruba Moslems from all the hinterland of the Yoruba land the Lai Mohamed, Rauf Aregbesola among others that were brought in to seize and wrestle Lagos and skew it towards the Yoruba moslems under the umbrella of NASFAT, the yoruba Islamic elite/political sect.

Go and check very well the key and core power structure in that state is embedded in that Nasfat Islamism.

At one point under former Governor Fashola nearly all the local government and local government development council chairmen were all Moslems. It got so bad that one Anglican Bishop once questioned the former Governor Fashola if Lagos has been turned to an Islamic state. It was also under this Tinubu/Fashola reign that some other citizens mostly Igbos were deported and dropped at the head bridge in Onitsha. And what’s his record as he was over rated and promoted to the federal level? Simply dismal record.

Then came in Governor Akinwumi Ambode who committed a mortal sin by even dare trying to move Lagos away from Tinubu thuggery and brutality and returning to civility and the once melting pot it was, what happened he was removed by the same Tinubu. The symbolic and significant aspect of Tinubu return to gutter politics and devastation is the return of Agberos and motor park honorables to the saddle. On the environment the once effectively shut down trash dump site on Ojota bypass into Lagos that perennialy spew highly polluted fumes was effectively reopened by the Tinubu new puppet Gov. Sanwolu soon after he took office. Once again endangering the lives of the Lagosians.

Anyway, let’s fast forward to where they have been elevated to the federal level. These same gang members have presided over the affairs of this nation for the past five to six years; so what’s the verdict?? ARE WE BETTER TODAY THAN WE WERE SIX YEARS AGO? before the same Tinubu tilted the odds in favour of the waning Fulani power base and returned a proven former dictator and other Islamist cabal to power, effectively doing to the people of Southern Nigeria predominantly Christians what he did to the Original indigenous Lagosians in Lagos state. Relegating or attempting to relegate Southern for his political ambition and material greed.

What’s the score card for the elusive Vice President, Fowler the FIRS among others he took to the center. They are all part of the disaster that Nigeria has turned out to be. Is that anything to celebrate? Or simply only on Nigeria?

But here on the project of his Presidential ambition he will most likely receive the reward for his selfish political brinkmanship. The people of Southern Nigeria will remind him of his stewardship from their own perspective and experience.

Anyway, the verdict is out there and still playing out on how history and posterity will judge Asiwaju Tinubu Ahmed. The opinion of the deeply flawed political class and the pedestrian ignorant disciple will not count. Neither will the verdict of those driven by chop me I chop politics and mindset count, regardless of how many academic degree they present.

They are all part of an era that destroyed once a promising nation.

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