Man Lay Inside Grave He Dug for Payment Refusal

See What This Man Did After They Refuse to Pay Him For the Grave He Dug.

The man lying in the grave is not actually deceased. He is the person who dug the grave, he was not paid and during the burial ceremony, he jumped into grave saying no burial until his full amount is paid with interest.
It was a serious drama as everyone at the burial ceremony started pleading with the guy to respect the dead and stand up from the grave.

The man insisted that he will not leave the grave until his money is complete because he worked tirelessly just to ensure the grave was dug.

The mourners and family members at the burial ceremony have to contribute the money for the guy before he finally leaves the premises.

Many have blasted the man for using such an approach to get his money, they said he disrespected the dead in the process.

Others said there is nothing wrong with his actions because the deceased family members refused to compensate him for the work he did at that’s the only way he could get the money.

What do you think about his action? Right or wrong?

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