It Is The Global ColdGame Isn’t It ?

-Chris O. Maduka

Infact, what this former British diplomat disclosed in that video clip is just a snippet of what can still be revealed about the intrigues and the clandestine operations of the Industrialized world.

All these are consistent with the Mission statement of the Trilateral commission and council on foreign relations to some extent.

It is about preserving the global economic order that was put in place even before the emerging African nations and other parts of the world became independent.

It simply stipulated that Anything or entity that will prove an impediment towards the free flow of the global economic order will be removed or taken out of the way. This has been fate faced by so many African leaders that dare think independently, or act in African interest.

The industrialized world are basically United on this outlook and resolve as they have factored in the sustainability of the current order regardless of how lopsided it is or how ot placed others at a disadvantage, they’ve factored it into their financial and strategic outlook and plans.

A clear indicator of this is the way some of the global fiancial markets from Tokyo to New York reacts or responds to marginal rise in the price of crude oil with the kind of shockwaves it sends to their economy.

Then let’s also look at institutions actually established to serve specific purposes and make positive impacts, how they were retooled to key into these vision of preserving the global inequalities and lopsided interdependency. The bank of Reconstructions established to rebuild Europe devastated by the second world war became International Monetary funds. I wish we have the time to reprint how David Malpass formerly in Late President Reagans Economic team and currently serving under President Trump, how he described IMF.

It is amazing that so many people have not realized what I’ve come to describe as the ultimate; COLDGAME! Played through these institutions. For those who blame those that often admire Trump, part of that admiration is the way he has simply disagreed with these established institutions that have agenda that is inimical and runs contrary to the vision of Africa ever emerging from the current disadvantages. A case in point is his attitude toward the World health organization. What exactly does the world health organization want out of this pandemic?

We see it all over the world, especially in countries with strategic natural resources and terrible weak institutions. kept deliberately so for corruption to thrive and create dissonance that make fleecing of everything including human capital very easy.
That’s where nations like Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Zaire, DRC with their huge huge natural resources and few others find themselves today.

The Nigeria case is a story for another day. But we’ve seen what President Obama administration meddling in the 2015 elections yielded. It has derailed a nation that turned a positive corner and was about to start making appreciable progress. Not there yet, but we were given the rope to hang ourselves in that election literally.

Besides the strategic natural resources, the strategic location of a particular nation can also be a curse for them as having natural resources. Look at the nations situated around the Horne of Africa look at those countries like Somalia. Go around the strait of Gibraltar, and the Western Sahara. The Suaze canal and Egypt and the historical battle and invasions. Panama Canal and General Noriega. Strait of Homuz by Lybia. Add the huge oil deals there and we know about President Gaddafi and how he ended. So many other gateways, including the area around the Caspian sea. Kazakhstan among others.

It has once been said that the interests and views of the Western world is their truth. There’s no fundamental truth. Look at even the clergy and the religious institutions are not left out. They are part of the cold game. Our own Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is the biggest lobbyist and supporter of the Nigerian PMB government that other reputable institutions have concluded that they are anti religious freedom with the ambition of Islamic expansionism. So who’s interest is the Archbishop serving 🤷🏾‍♂

My hope is that our people, the People of Old Eastern Nigeria will step up their game in the global geopolitics and make bold, decisive and dispassionate case that we first of all understand the game and how the world works. And secondly, that we are ready to play the game in the right way. That’s what was missing in the 1967 outing. And that’s what doomed the Jonathan administration. He took his eyes off from the ball and the lobbyist and his opponents ate him raw.

To a certain extent, these guys in the Western world that drives nearly everything are not as smart as some of us often make them out to be.

Can you imagine it took the antics of one man, Al Chalabi the leader of Iraqi exiles to turn the tide against Saddam Hussein and the rest became a proverbial history.

I’ve also made it clear, that in the Nigerian struggle to find its bearing as the status quo is no longer sustainable, with so many actors and agitating groups claiming supremacy, I’ve opined that what will alter the Nigerian status quo will have little to do with the internal actors and ethnic jingoist we see today.

It will play out more like the Berlin Conference without the Input of Africans, yet the continent was partitioned based on the European imperialistic interests. So will be with Nigeria in no distance future. The reality of this simply informs the agitators to restructure their messages to reflect that reality going forward.

Because I see almost a similar thing with the future of Nigeria as it has now increasingly become a threat to global peace and security.

I have the same premonitions that the fate of Nigeria going forward may be tied to the way the emerging cold war between China and the Western allies in the post Covid-19 world plays out. On who’s side are you on? Are you going to be a collateral damage or a willing and natural ally with the West? Bearing in mind that it is not about being right or wrong, it is about beting on the right side of history.

Also it depends on how the leaders of the emerging allies. How they understood the prevailing clash of civilizations and their role in it. The last Obama administration read it completely wrong hence they embarked on so many misadventures as we saw in Nigeria in 2015 as this current leadership and everything it stands for has settled as part of their record.

Therefore, it is our duty to make the right strategic alliances and strike the right note and balance. The time is now!

Thank you.

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