How Much Do You Know President Donald Trump You Talk Much About

-OFA Akinnuoye

I have maintained my reservations on the happenings in the United States of America (USA) as a matter of principle.

My silence was deliberate. Not for cowardice but for the fact that I would want to be hypocritical, by using an analgesic Panadol for a neighbour’s headache!

While a bunch of unpatriotic, nepotic, tribalist-dictators, their corrupt stooges with their oppressive regimes are stealing, looting and degrading the humanity in my own people in my home nation, who am I to sit on Pilate’s throne, judging the first American Statesman in living history to call a spade by its real name, while hoodlums and Democrats sponsored thugs who turn peaceful and just protests into avenues to steal and vandalise, crying “crucify him” “crucify him” against a patriotic American leader who passionately love his most powerful nation in the world, the USA.

First, while all of you who criticise President Donald Trump have your legitimate rights to do so by international standard of rights, it is quite obvious that a lot of you do not know and won’t bother to find out the genuineness of each story you push out about Mr. Trump.
Particularly our African youth family and “surrogate” journalists who don’t read, research, investigate or verify anything, but merely regurgitate whatever comes from leftist fake news media about anyone, even with little or no idea of the authentic details about that person.

Second, the African societies, made up mostly of youths, could be likened to a Bluetooth audio speaker, made to be fed with voices and music transmitted from other devices relaying the same in verbatim with no consideration to facts, authenticity etc because it has been programmed to relay codes from other electronic sources only… a slave device. Sorry to say, this is how some of these youths function.

I am sure, a few of you, the impertinent and die-hard supporter the unturned half-baked, slavish and corrupt political systems in Africa; imposed over the African people by slave master nations (to whom your nations are indebted) would want to foamup and comment on why you remain in an invalid position for so long putting your blames on others who have no hands in your misfortunes and maladministration by your rulers.
Well, you’re welcomed. But before you foam, I have these questions for you.

Did you know that…

1. President Trump is a successful businessman with over 110 highly successful businesses worldwide. Owning virtual golf courses, cities and towns with business networks built by him around the world. He employed thousands of young people who work in these business outlets worldwide. Let me stop there for now.
Show the world who your African rulers are and what other sustainable sources of income they can show to the world. Mention the businesses they own if any, and how they owned those things.

2. President Donald Trump does not receive salaries as the President of the United States of America?
Your own leaders and their groups loot your future in a doomsday version.

3. President Trump remains the first sitting president whose children don’t smoke, drink alcohol, do drug, with each maintaining such decency in their own individual families as well?
Describe to me the children of those who rule you. Even few of them that they impose on you through political appointments, tell the world what they do that have benefited you and your families.

4. President Trump himself doesn’t drink, smoke, or drug? (Check his personal testimony on this from my previous posts).

5. President Trump overturned some of the decision that redefined marriage and family into an institutions in such an absurd and demoralising ways where same-sex marriage was legalised? (courtesy of your first African-American President Obama).
It got so bad that toilets here in New Zealand, Europe and many countries around the world became unisex without separate toilet rooms for male and female, UK and other countries made laws that allowed school boys to dress as a girl and vice versa, parents were encouraged to allow their children in primary school to take hormone enhancing treatment if the think they were in a wrong body, that is a boy could tell his mum that he felt he was a girl. That was all it took to change his natural sexual make-up in the years of Americas black president Obama (actually the policy says there’s no male and female). That was what came in to meet on assumption of office.

6. President Trump made a public proclamation affirming that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman as set by God through the creation of both?
Ever since, Democratic Party in the USA and the human products of their deformed policies in that country and around the world have been asking for President Trump’s head in a charger-plate.

7. President Trump brohibits abortion, railed against it and stopped the US from sponsoring family planning clinic worldwide whose jobs were to terminate defenseless foetuses and babies before birth?

8. President Trump outlaws sodomy (the original word for gayism, lesbianism, beastiality etc) and stopped them from claiming special protection in the USA armed forces contrary to what used to be in the presidency of and with the support of your African brother, Obama?

9. President Trump brought back God into the White House, restored the sanctity of the church and other religions, reinstated Christmas and Easter in the United States?
The two festive seasons were removed in the Obama years as the black President of the US.
Today, even your African pastors and religious magnates are doing the same thing, trying to remove Jesus Christ from the Calendar and Almanac with their false teachings on Christmas and Easter,while they’re replacing Jesus Christ with themselves, marking their own various forms of birthdays and making names for themselves just as Obama. It is same spirit from same source.

10. President Trump has begun a relentless effort to decontaminate America of opioid menace that reached its peak under your African American president Obama?
Opioid epidemic in the US is multi-fanged problem declared as a national emergency being addressed by Madam Melania Trump and her team through inter school campaigns campaigns and agencies.

11. President Trump has revamped the American economy, bringing back lost jobs, creating new ones, engaging the black and other minority communities?
Do your research to know that Trump has more minority employees working in his companies and businesses than any in the USA.
In former president Obama days, black Americans were top among the jobless, highest number of hand-out receivers, highest in social benefit claims, black cities were highest in crime rates in many American cities etc. Yes, that was the record in the days of the America’s Black President Obama.

12. President Trump has fulfilled over 98% of his campaign promises to the American youths, the veterans, the elderly, the disabled, getting rid of miscreants who were only allowed by opposing politicians who needed these undocumented and exploited people in the US to boost polls and votes during elections? He has secured American borders against gang and drug-related migration, he renegotiated trade agreements with China, India, Mexico and Canada etc to allow fair play, bringing China on her knees and sanctioning her for economic and intellectual property espionage among other things (Check my previous posts on the achievements of Trump in two years.
Tell me what your country leaders have done in your entire life. Maybe the little you could remember is China and Indians taking over your continent, sold to them by your unpatriotic rulers. Your leaders are taking loans for projects they won’t spend the money on, selling their countries and citizens into generational captivity through corruption and unrestrained bad loans, promising you the same thing every election year, no road, no electricity, no jobs, no ideal health facilities and standards, collapsed educational system etc.

Now tell me why you think worse things than what happened in the USA are not happening in your country. Tell me why some of you failed to address that log of timber in your eyes and you suddenly became an activists on other people’s matter.

Tell me why you thought yourself having the integrity on matters relating to human rights while the rights of humans in your country have been inhumanely violated.

I may not know much as you do, I only want to hear from you, why you thought that Pontius Pilate, by washing his hands and not his hate-filled heart of evil compromises with evil practices going in his country, could think he’s free from innocent blood of the Messiah he helped kill.

Tell me then if you now think you’re sincerely free from the guilt and blood of your fellow citizens killed, raped, abducted/kidnapped by terrorists acting in the name of region and tribal sentiments, while you look away to alk on the USA.

Tell me why you can’t talk in the face of politically motivated injustices and unlawfully detentions and prosecution of voices of reason and dissent in your country

Tell me why you keep quiet as a journalist with no idea of how to investigate the incompetence of your nations rulers.

Tell me why they call you a lazy youth and you truly confirm it by kneeling to beg for bread at the feet of your oppressors.

Tell me why you justify the looting going on in America, I want to believe it’s because you live in a country where looting is an official culture.

Tell me why the killers of our brother George Floyd is more evil than the killing of the CAN chairman, Christians, Muslims, traditionalists and all other citizens of your country killed and maimed by terrorists in your country. Then you remain silent! Really?

Tell me why American black brothers’ lives matter more than those of Leah Sharibu, all kidnapped female victims of terror and rape in my root nation, Nigeria.

Tell me that Vera and other rape and brutally murdered Nigerians including those suffering from sexual and gender related abuses do not deserve to be heard?

Tell me why you didn’t stand up to speak against nepotism and lopsided appointments, an evident synonym of RACISM in your country.

Tell me why you are spoilt with the conspiracy of silence when your nieces, sisters, moms and grandmas are being violated in your villages, your brothers, uncles and fathers killed by militia who display lethal military grade weapons and occupy their land and raid their farmlands.

Tell me why you should now become an American freedom fighter by proxy, replaying the news track like a scratched compact disk (CD).

Please Let’s face our business.
We have a lot of responsibilities to Africa and her people.

Get your leaders to get low standard of education and delapidated infrastructure fixed.

Get them to fix your broken health system they don’t use.

Get them to fix your roads that are virtual death traps.

Get them to be responsible and accountable.

Let’s get our churches and leaders to preach to our leaders. Let them spend less time on our generalising the sins of our nation as if they were the products of the common Nigerian people while they give the high tables to those who need their church to boost election data only.

Let’s be responsible citizens with unison of purpose

President Trump is a patriotic American, hated by the recloned creatures in the upside-down World at large including some of the world body and agencies… Those who have held the world to ransome with dangerous, politically DIScorrect political and personal agenda and policies holding the youths of the word to ransome of moral decadence. Those who know no REAL DIFFERENCE between GOOD and EVIL.
President Trump has been sent by God at a time like this. He has called out the devil in World leaders.
He won’t stop doing it and we won’t stop supporting him.
We are not alone, God is with us.

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