Why Two Igbo Brothers Died Same Way In Indonesia

The Igbo man that died in Indonesia failed to learn from his elder brother who died the same way

This week a painful news broke out that a Nigerian man by name Chike died in Indonesia after falling from off the ninth floor of his residence.

Chike, resides at Gading Nias apartment in Kelapa Garden Central Jakarta, Indonesia. When he heard the information that the Indonesia immigration where on there way to his apartment, he tried to escape through the window of his apartment. Unfortunately for him, he could not hold the window for long, and he fell to his death.

This same scenario played last 3 months. His elder brother that brought him to Indonesia also fell from his apartment window when he tried to escape from same Indonesia police. This time the younger brother died. Chike failed to learn from what happens to his brother and it has caused him his life.
Why go to a country and stay illegally, only to end up dying painfully?

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