Man Sets Internet On Fire As He Returns Millions Stucked In Carton Of Idomie He Bought

Intergrity of many people today are questioned especially with the untold hardship people are facing now. But a man who has dignity and understands what Intergrity is all about will always stand out.Mr. Chidiebere Ogbonna has been distinguished by Intergrity as he returned #1.8million he found in a carton of Indomie Noddles he bought back to the shop owner in Owerri Imo State.(not verified)According to Facebook report the said man bought a carton of Indomie from a shop and got home only to find huge sums of money of #1000 notes to the tune of #1.8million and he returned it back and the woman seller gave him back a carton of Indomie with a promise to be given him a carton of Indomie anytime he comes to buy till December 2020.Responding to why he chose to return it despite the hardship in town now, he simply said, The Money is not mine and I chose to return it.This has set the internet on fire since the outbreak of the news and thousands of people have condemned his action, saying he has covenant with poverty, others said he is insane, some still say has contacted poverty for life since he rejected the gift of riches from God, only very few could support the kind gesture of this man.Though thousands of Facebook users also condemned the attitude of the woman by not given Mr. Ogbonna part of the instead telling him to come and be collecting in Indomie.Was he rewarded enough? What is your take?

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