Let’s Educate our Boys and Girls what is Rape and our Security Agents too.

As Witnessed By Prince Frank Nomso Ikechukwu ……( Inside Imo State )

“” I had an appointment last week thursday afternoon at ikenegbu in owerri. Our meeting was cut short by a commotion outside and the gentleman whom I had the appointment with went out of his office to see what it was; of course I followed him.
We got there and we saw a furious looking young lady in her late 20s ranting and asking the police to arrest a young guy who in his early 30s .
So we stepped in out of curiosity and inquired what happened and the lady shouted “He raped me!!!”

Now, needless to say everyone’s anger set in; mine too cause I detest the act of Rape. But to our surprise the boy gently and politely said that’s not true.
Every lady there screamed a thunderous “shut up your mouth” at the guy and we proceeded to ask the lady of details.

While we were all engrossed in her tales, I turned and noticed the young man was scribbling somethings….lots of things on paper.
I paid it no mind and listened to the lady.
She said called the guy and both of them had an appointment, they were supposed at Kilimanjaro fast food at YKC junction.
But on getting there, he was not there so she called him and he told her he wasn’t coming there that she should come meet him.

Turns out the guy was at home. He got a pack of juice for her drink, and she did drink. They chatted for a while, watched a movie and it was while they were watching the movie, he started touching her and then he raped her.

At this point the ladies and a few guys concluded that he drugged her.
The young boy was asked to speak he said we had sex but I did not rape her.
Rather than tell us what happened he preferred to ask her the questions.
And so he began…

QUESTION 1: Why were we meeting and when did we agree to meet at Kilimanjaro?

Her Response: I wanted to borrow money from him and we were to meet a day before yesterday by 4pm.

QUESTION 2: Why did we not see again?

Her Response: I called you and told you that I would not make it anymore.

QUESTION 3: At what time did you call me?
Her Response: I am not sure, I didn’t notice the time.

At this point the man I had an appointment with said check the call log of your phone.
She brings it out, and we went to call log.
We asked what she saved the guys number and she told us.
We looked and found out that the she had about 6 missed calls from him between 4pm and 5pm. And she called him by 5:30pm.

So the question continued….

QUESTION 4: When you called this Morning, why did I refuse to leave my house?
Her Response: You said you were trading forex.

QUESTION 5: When you got to the house, what did you see and what happened?
Her Response: You and one other lady were on your computers

Then? He interjected

Then you asked the lady to bring a drink and she did. I slwpt off while i waited for you to finish with your computer.

QUESTION 6: The drink, were the only one that drank it?
Her response: No, all of us did.

QUESTION 7: When you woke up, you saw me watching a movie. Then you asked me for the money what did I ?
Her response: You said you spent it already.

“That’s not all I said; finish the sentence.” He said.

“Shut up your mouth rapist!!” Echoed some of the people in the crowd.

The policemen, at this point tried calling them down. And asked the boy to seat on the floor again.

Aunty oya answer am nah…said one of the officers.

“You said the last loan that you gave me, I haven’t paid back and it’s been 8months.” She replied

Needless to say the crowd was now divided and words like ashawo was being whispered.

QUESTION 8: Since you left my house today, have you gone home or changed your clothes?
Her Response: No. I went to call the police.

Out of curiosity, we all started looking at her clothes and wondering “what’s up with it?”

And then he gave the punch!!

QUESTION 9: What did you say when I told you that I wasn’t giving you any money since you refused to pay the previous loan?

Rather than reply, she got agitated and asked the officer to arrest the guy.
And the place went agog.
A female sympathisers stepped forward, placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder and encouraged her to answer without fear.

And reply she did.
“I told him, to give me that I will pay for the other one in kind.”

Everyone burst into laughter.
The guy got up and said, “that was when she undressed and we had sex.
If I had raped Her, I this her clothes should be torn or rumbled but they not.
The only reason she is upset is because I still refused to give her the money after the sex.”

Chei Ashawo!!!
Filled the air from the crowd.
The women where now upset with her.
Her last words became ” if he isn’t giving me the money even after I slept with him, that’s rape nah. That’s not what we agreed.”

At this point, the man whom I had a meeting with tapped me on my shoulder and asked us to reschedule the meeting and we both left.
The police realised the guy and escorted the girl to take a cab as she was rained with curses and insults by the crowd.

This young man would have been falsely accused, locked up and left to rot if he had not taken his time to get the truth out.
Imagine how many others who are in prison like this for rape also!!!

I support and encourage the on going protests and demand for stiffer punishment for Rapist, child molesters and paedophiles.
But in making such demands, we must start educating our boys and our girls on what exactly RAPE is and What it is NOT

Also, we must demand that our security officials get the PROPER TRAINING on RAPE CASE INVESTIGATION, Our Medical doctors need the APPROPRIATE TEST KITS, Our Psychiatrist will need to be trained on helping both the victim and the perpetrator.””””””*

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