Igbos Should Not Be Apologetic for Doing Good!

By: Chris O. Maduka

Igbos Are Not As Bad As Other Tribe Profile Them

Some of us think or believe that publicizing some of the numerous positive giant strides made by Igbos are Wrong.


“This is how we bring hate to ourselves. Why couldn’t the post simply mention the number of Nigerians. Where is our political correctness. Why can’t we avoid being disliked.”
-Chief Ikunna.


Chief JCI, am tired of all these renewed effort at being Mr Nice guy. Bring what hate you said? From who? and to whom?

Please about time people realize that there’s nothing you do to appease the one riding on a bicycle and he’ll not show you his ugly back side on his departure.

I think am getting tired of trying to whittle myself to fit the profile and narrative of people that some of them simply can’t get past not just hating me, but simply wishing me nothing but total diminish and disappearance from the face of the earth. And that’s not just possible.

And let me even make a prediction here for those who seem to appeal for this appeasement which I’ve been part of, still can’t see any corresponding reciprocal attitude change. Instead we see renew offensive of obsolete negative and repulsive attitude that has left us in the quagmire we find ourselves in the Southern Nigeria.

And verily verily I say unto you that; if indeed this country will turn a new leaf , through restructuring, or any other possible alteration of the status quo, it will not come because the Yorubas some how changed their minds to stop disliking or distrusting the Igbos in the South. It will come due to the exigencies of the global geopolitics that is beyond the control of the local players.

Just the same way the Berlin conference took place without the input of the Africans, so shall it be when the Nigerian final status will be determined. How that will play out is not clearly defined yet.

Therefore our focus today and going forward must be to structure the narrative that appeals to that idea. It is our responsibility to be bold enough to make strategic alliances that will position us as viable partners in the unfolding future which must definitely take into account the post Covid-19 isolation and containment of China going forward.

That’s why the renewed interest in the American politics and election regardless of which side anyone is, and I thin it’s a welcomed development. Because if the cold-war era alliances is a guide, it then means that new alliances will be made as the old are crumbling fast.

So my friend, we need to blow our own trumpet as loud as we can. We need to be bold and less timid with these local champions.
There’s nothing absolutely wrong with that. Nobody will do these things for you if you fail to do that.

When they peddle negative news about you, what are they trying to achieve ? They are trying to de-market you as the bonafide citizens of the world. Your duty is to do the direct opposite.

I have an Igbo woman who married Yoruba; Both are my food friends. They had a daughter, soon after the man walked away leaving the child with the mother who later trained her to become a lawyer and a pilot. Then suddenly the Ondo state government and the entire tribe made headlines out of this. It was so sad the woman reached out to me, so I had to tacitly remind the audience that followed on the social media that this is also our daughter.

I can guarantee you that if it was all negative somewhere the media must mention “Igbo mother”. Abike Dabiri will ensure that his ethnicity is boldly amplified.

We’ve all stood by and watch helplessly as the Revisionist and the South-West media have made us the poster boys and girls of all manners of illegalities and evil. We are now wearing the badge of rituals, kidnaping, fraud, fake items, greed and you name it. This is happening while we are ambivalent as we are being damaged.

Meanwhile all the things they accuse us and associate with the Igbos they are the grandmasters at. Is it rituals? This has been in existence since time immemorial. Unknown to so many the South-West is the Mecca of rituals and human sacrifices.

After all we don’t have a moment that the public are warned to stay in doors because some morbid stuff is going in the midnight or they are burying a traditional ruler. It doesn’t happen in the South-East.

But go to South-West., even the city like Lagos, you dare not venture into some areas at certain time if the year or during certain occasions.

Same as Ogboni, same as body parts dry and wet sold in open markets across the Southwest till this day. It is not attracting attention because it is well embedded into their primordial life and they’ve learned to live with it. Including the mega churches with their GOs. They’ve learned to quietly live side by side with these things we are associated with.

For fraud, investigate and confirm. There’s really no thriving Igbo fraudster, internet or otherwise that do not have a Yoruba partner , boss or someone he learned the trade from.

When it comes to fraud the Igbos are mere apprentices and new in the game. The Yorubas started from their grand fathers. That’s why it has the Yoruba code name; ODDU’. And it goes beyond just the internet of today. Just investigate and find out how all the previous multinationals they inherited after the war went bankrupt.

Dunlop, Bata, so many to mention. In the case of Dunlop, it was the same Mr. Lawuyi that deliberately ran it aground that turned around and bought over the foam, rubber, gum and much more leaving only the tire, which they turned around and killed just to inherit the huge real estate and properties that belong to Dunlop. Am not just gisting you.

I was a member of team that was engaged by Dr Ajayi the Marketing Director to turn around the Dunlop tires dwindling revenue and lost of market share, look further and see who turned around and cornered the most lucrative assets of the dismembered fraud induced companies.

This has become so problematic that most foreign companies now look for managers from Midwest down to the old Eastern region.

By the way, how come the Igbos have not made any single noise about the billions they’ve lost in the grandest property fraud in the world. The Lagos Omo’Ni’le land racketeering fraud that is so well entrenched in the system.

Can you imagine the Yorubas losing billions in land and property fraud as the Igbos have in Lagos? By now we all would’ve been all land fraudsters.

No sane people or society will ever allow these malicious attacks that reduces ones human essence and worth. Yet that’s what these guys have perennially engaged in with the Igbos.

If anyone doubts this, then publish something negative about Saudi Arabia or Israel and see how ferociously they will react with everything in their power.

Or just attempt disputing the claim that the Saudis have the biggest oil deposit and the capacity to bring to the global market place and see how they will react. These things do matter.

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