Femi Adesina And Propaganda Taken Too Far

By: Chris Maduka

I don’t know why people are expecting the cassette recorder to repeat anything other than what it is recorded or programed to say.

Femi Adesina, Lai Mohammed and all their crew are the best people for the Job. Lai Mohammed, VP Osinbajo, and this goofy looking Femi guy among others seem to be graduates of APC school of ignorant and boldfaced propagandist with streak of dictatorship. Granted measured or certain level of propaganda is part of governance.

But in this case, these guys even lies when the truth is staring them in their faces. They’ve simply taken propaganda and lies to a whole new unprecedented level.It has to do with dictatorial tendencies. Because what a dictator owes you is to reluctantly tell you the lies that they crafted and your obligation as an oppressed fellow is to take it or leave it. It makes no difference at all. You’ve been told, and it does not matter how preposterous and dumb what you are told you must accept it.

This attitude even comes with a subliminal threats of you better believe it or DSS….hmmmThat’s what we are getting from the current Aso Rock and APC leadership.If Nigerians say hunger is killing them, they will come out the same day to say Nigerians are so over fed we need to ship the left over food to Timbuktu.

In fact, people are encouraged to engage in physical exercise to lose some weight occasioned by Nigeria Government assisted over feeding.When Nigerians say they are in darkness due to the failed government ability to provide basic Infrastructure. They double talking bold faced lie peddling crew will tell them that there has been uninterrupted power supply since this administration came into power.And when you listen carefully while he’s saying this on channels or NTA you will hear the sound of the giant generator buzzing at the background.

The same thing comes daily from the Radio house Abuja the headquarter of the Nigeria insane propaganda tower where Lai Mohammed office is located.
You will also hear Femi’s family telling him that the reason why he could not reach them last night was because their phone battery went flat and there was no fuel to power the generator to charge the phone. Yet he’s on the live television show telling them that there has been uninterrupted power supply since the assume power in 2015.If you doubt it, they will call the Minister of Mines and power who still believe that he has better credibility than the others to come and use his legal background to explain why the power generation has been dropping.

Former Governor Fashola will now tell you how President Jonathan made a blunder, by shutting down Shoriro and Kainji Dam due to his lack of courage, but now the military commander president has ordered them to open the dam for operation.When reminded that it has still not been opened, his face showing frustration, he will say; look these things takes time. Oh Really! He forget that he said that any Governement that could not fix power in four years is an irresponsible government.

Wooo!Same Femi and Osinbajo will tell you that Nigeria is so secured that everyone should simply leave their doors open, go about their businesses in their farms, because this government led by a general is now fully secured and crime free. And when asked how? He said the criminals and the terrorists read their boss body language and behaved.

When the reporter pressed further to explain what he imply by the President’s body language since such language has not been able to light the electric bulbs or make those carrying the AK 47 to drop their guns,, Femi in his usual hubris and village local champion personality will now resolve to scolding the reporter and the rest of Nigerians for being dumb and ignorant.
He will accuse all of us for pretending to lack the ability to read and interpret their Oga boss’s simple body language which his Boss prefers as a better means of communication with the nation hence he hardly utter any single word to the nation even when it becomes so compelling to do so.

Instead the same Lai Mohammed and Femi Adesina will again play a tape recorder for us.Meanwhile, while they are telling us how secured the country is, they are wishing they are younger to join Amotékun. (The SoutWest self help reactionary security outfit).

Introduced after being in denial and even opposing other regions for trying to secure their region. Accusing them of threatening the Unity of this great nation.
But since they cannot join as limited by age, they’ve since encouraged their unemployed cousins in the villages to join to better protect their region as they realized that they will soon leave office and return home. But they are on television telling the rest of Nigerians how secured the country under the leadership of the Strong leader that take security so seriously all the existential threats are a thing of the past and those complaining of security challenges are just hallucinating and are all attempting to give this administration a bad name.
It has been one of the most degenerative and saddest time in the history of governance in Nigeria and honestly in the world. Continue to listen and believe these guys to your peril.But I cannot blame Femi and those paid to do a job. You cannot tell them to do otherwise other than the job they are paid handsomely to do.

To expect such simply amounts to expecting the highest sacrifice based on highly elevated moral purity that is only consistent with high ranking people in the calibrated anatomy of human consciousness. When in reality these guys rate very very low and shouldn’t have been any where near the position of public service.Sad moment for Nigeria.

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