Chris Maduka Replies Eric Teniola Says His List Tells A Different Story From The Revisionists.

By Chris O Maduka

ERIC TENIOLA has spoken. The list Tells a different story from the Revisionists claim.

This is really incredible. But there is one clear observation here that need to be pointed out for obvious reasons. Because at times truth can be revealed in a and confirmed in a serendipitous way.

Just few months ago, there was this spurious nonsense news mostly driven or propagated in the social media by a Revisionist. A deliberate false misinformation by the SouthWest/Yoruba revisionists. A clear attempt to misinform the younger generation about the history they denied them today.

They claimed that the Igbos dominated the government of the First Republic because their Son late Rt. Hon. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was the President albeit “ceremonial” position as the real power resided with the Prime Minister Late Sir.Tafawa Balewa.

They claimed that despite dominating those positions that they were still not satisfied so they proceeded to carry out a coup.
Let’s pause for a moment and go through that list presented by Eric Teniola, Yes another Yoruba man under a different scenario and story and it became clear that the story that went round was a mere calculated work of mischief makers to create the impression that will inspire hate and resentment of the Igbos. Something some people have made their lifetime career.

Sadly some of our people think that these their evil behaviour of somersaulting facts on its head is are mere benign actions, but it is not. It is a clear case of calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it. And hang it they’ve done in the pogrom and genocide of the 60s that took millions of lives of the Igbos.

Now just yesterday, I saw a video tape of the Yoruba mechanic Union at the Ladipo motor spare parts mechanic village in Lagos making a fool out of themselves lamenting about being dominated by the Igbos, “same old rallying cry they’ve peddled for decades now” , Calling on their god Bola Ahmed Tinubu to come to their rescue. I watched and was taken aback because having been to the Ladipo market with huge Igbo presence, there’s no area officially assigned to the Igbos to carryout their commercial activities. The business cluster evolved naturally through their dint of hard work, sacrifice and delayed gratification to get the Motor spare parts market where it is today. They spent heavily on rents and improvement of the properties in which the beneficiaries are the same Yorubas land lords and caretakers.

Contrary to the Yoruba mechanics and their leaders that were shouting in that video of Igbo domination, they were actually assigned a place under the high tension wires ” a federal government free-zone” most have come to claim ownership as landlords, to do their own trade of auto mechanics and repairs which they dominated nearly 100%. If you have been to Ladipo you can easily observe the very cordial working division of labour among them there.

The Yorubas will diagnose the automobile, prescribe the spare-parts and at times even recommend his Igbo strategic partner you will get the parts from, at times with pre agreement of considerable markups for him. But they will be the first to tell you how dubious the Igbo parts sellers are even though they are collaborators and co conspirators in that scheme which is all parts of doing business.

So I can only see the allegation of Igbo dominance in Ladipo as part of the same old sentiments driven by what’s obvious jealousy and the inability to compete effectively even where they have a clear advantage to do so.

The case of Alaba International is even more interesting and inspiring. But the main street media will not tell the story. Put it simply; there will be no thriving Nigeria entertainment industry that has taken the world by the storm, both our smashing hit musical industry and the Nollywood without the unsung and unknown faces of Alaba Igbo business men that have the vision and the courage to single handedly finance and promote those ventures when no one, not even the government gave them a chance. Infact, they were discouraged at every single step by the government.

Don’t take my words for it, just go and ask Timaya, Don Jazzy, D banj. Go and see who financed the catalyst movie: “Living in bondage” that started it all, and you’ll begin to appreciate these people they love to hate.

It is a similar case all across Lagos. From the Balogun market, Idumota, Alaba International, Coker Building Materials market, Trade-fare and the evolving Ikate printing hub and many more. It is the same story.

While they shout and cry, trying to eat their cakes and turn around to have it all over again, nobody has made the calculation of how many billions the same Yorubas have reaped on rent money in dilapidated properties that are worthless else where in other parts of Nigeria. Nobody had made the calculation of how many billions the same Igbos have lost in what’s arguably the most organized land and property racketeering fraud in Africa. The Omo’nile land scamming that has reaped so many Igbos off inn dubious property transactions.

There need to be a study on how that has helped to strengthen the Yorubas, especially some of the elder ones that rely solely on those heavy revenues that come steadily from the Igbo tenants they love to hate. And with that figure and the overwhelming positive social impact they may think twice when next they disparage the Igbos and demand their eviction from the Lagos territory they may not be indigenous to, but are serious stakeholders that cannot be wished away.

The case of Alaba International is an interesting one. Because I personally remember when they were sent down to what was once a very heavily waterlogged swampy Everglades with some of the most dangerous reptiles in Ojo Alaba. Perhaps as a punishment or to discourage them. They sent them away from Orile Iganmu side down to middle of no where. But today, it is truly a different story that has brought in billions to the curffers of the Lagos state government.

Yes, When you hear Lagos IGR being the highest and some people beating their chest, it is all thanks to these Igbo conceived and created heavily commercial areas that have so helped to stabilize the Lagos/ Nigerian economy even while being discouraged with multiple taxations, shakedown from security agents and hoodlums, and deliberate bad policies aimed at stifling them. Yet through it all they prevailed and continue to thrive

You may have heard of the Igbos peddling fake products, that’s the bad name they’ve given to a people that some of the leading Management and business schools around the world are now studying their business and economic model as it defied the conventional wisdom and everything they teach in business schools. The conventional wisdom and education will rather implore and encouraged all to decimate and destroy competitors. The Igbo business model does the opposite. It instead encourages competitors they will establish themselves, by the Big-Men or ‘Oga’ in line with the Igbo primordial nature of ‘live and let me live’ and inherent responsibility of ensuring that one established someone before they can truly be recognized and respected as a true son of the land.

This scheme very peculiar to the Igbos is now believed to be the biggest Business mentorship and Angel startup scheme in the world. We call it apprenticeship or (Igbaboy). This is also the reason why Anambra, specifically Nnewi can boast of more Millionaires than any other area of the same size in the entire African continent and I stand to be corrected.

So, as much as the revisionists may try, as much as they want to create these negative impressions and inspire hate and resentment, they cannot stop what’s clearly inherent nature of this dynamic people.

Below is Eric Teniola’s List of best past Politicians.

With the demise of Chief Richard Osuolale Abimbola Akinjide (1931-2020) all Ministers, except Alhaji Ganiyu Folorunsho Abdul Razak (93) and Chief Jacob Cheogbu Obande (98) who served in the first Republic under Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (1912-1966),GCFR, have answered the final call. For better or for worse we have missed them. Notable Ministers that we have missed included Dr Moses Adekojeyo Majekodunmi (1916-2012), Dr. Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe (1917-1990), Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu (1910-1965), Alhaji Nuhu Bamali (1917-2001), Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Wada (1917-2015), Alhaji Zanna Bukar Suloma Dipcharima (1917-1969), Alhaji Usman Maitambari (1917-1977), Alhaji Ibrahim Tako (1916-1979),Alhaji Usman Sarki (1920-1984), Chief Moses Aransiola Onilearan Olanrewaju (1916-1966), Alhaji Waziri Kolo Ibrahim(1926-1992), Alhaji Ibrahim Imam(1916-1980), Chief E.O. Esien , Hashim Adaji, Chief Abiodun Akerele (1914-2007), Chief Theophilus Owolabi Sobowale Benson (1917-2008), Chief Joseph Modupe Johnson (1912-1987), Prince Alade Tiamiyu Lamuye (1920-2007),Chief Humphrey Omo-Osagie (1896-1977), Chief Augustus Meredith Adisa Akinloye (1916-2007), Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola (1910-1966), Chief Hezekiah Oladapo Davies (1905-1989), Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya (1918-1996), Chief Jaja Anucha Nwachukwu (1918-1996), Chief Raymond Amanze Njoku (1915-1977), Chief Ayotunde Rosiji (1917-2000), Prince Adeleke Adedoyin (, Chief Kolawole Balogun (1922-2002), Chief Matthew Tawo Mbu (1929-2012), Chief Christopher Oluwafunmi Akinfosile (1920-1996), Alhaji Adegoke Oduola Akande Adelabu (1915-1958), Dr. Taslim Olawale Elias (1914-1991), Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule (1929-2017), Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari, GCFR, (1925-2018), Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh (1919-1966), Shettima Ali Mongonu (1926-2016) and others.
There were those who never served as Ministers but who served this country meritoriously. Among these were Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, GCFR, (1904-1996), Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987), GCFR, Surveyor A.O. Lawson, Dr. Russel Aliyu Barawu Dikko (1912-1977), Chief Gabriel Akindeko, Chief Reuben Fasanranti(94), Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Alhaji Tanko Yankasai (95), Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti (1906-1978), Alhaji Aliyu Makama Bida (1907-1980), Alvan Azimwa Ikoku (1900-1971), Professor Eyo Ita (1902-1972), Dr. Lyabo Bekimbo Graham-Douglas (1926-1983), Chief Patrick Doktri , Sir Samuel Jereton Marriere (1907-1971), Chief Joseph Sarwuan Tarka (1932-1980), Ibrahim Imam, Chief Arthur Edward Prest (1906-1976), Mazi Mbonu Ojike (1914-1956), Chief Anthony Eromosele Enahoro(1923-2010), Chief Harold Jeniwari Dappa Biriye (99), Chief Wenike Oparum Briggs (1917-1987), Chief Iwong Inyamegun Murphy, Sir Joseph Odeleye Fadahunsi (1901-1986), Dr. Okoi Arikpo (1916-1992), Chief Babatunji Olowofoyeku (1917-2003), Chief L.J. Dosunmu, Dr. S.E. Imoke, Chief Mojeed Agbaje, S.O. Ighodaro, S. Gbadamosi and others.
Whatever opinion we have on them most of them are gone. I still think their type of politics was far better than the era of looting that we now have. Yes, they disagreed on party principles but they did not make looting of public funds their primary aim and only objective. If there was looting of public fund during their era, it was like boys scout compared to what we see today. A least they left something behind for us, I wonder what we are going to leave behind for our children and grandchildren. Some of them regrettably, did not have a shelter over their heads before they passed on. They were not concerned about that at all, for public service was not an avenue to loot the treasury. That is their understanding of public service. Were they to come back, they will find it so difficult to understand why a public officer, either as a politician in the public service with a fixed monthly salary could own houses in their villages, state capitals, Abuja, Lagos possibly in Dubai or London and with fleet of cars in the garages of those houses. With all their years in public service and direct access to the treasury, how many properties and houses did Sir Ahmadu Bello (1909-1966), Sir Michael Iheonukara Okpara (1920-1984),Alhaji Muhammadu Aminu Kano (1920-1983), Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin (1908-1997), Sir Shettima Kashim Ibrahim (1910-1990), Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam (1906-1995), Alhaji Dauda Shoroye Adegbenro (1909-1975), Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (1912-1966),GCFR, Chief Christopher Akifosile and others leave behind?
In particular I want to refer to Dr. Michael Iheonukara Okpara who succeeded, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe as Premier of Eastern Nigeria on the 19th of December, 1959. The old Eastern Nigeria now consist of nine states namely Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa-Ibom, Cross Rivers, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Abia states. Dr. Okpara was Premier of Eastern Region between 1959 to 1966. After the civil war he fled into exile and was there for nine years. He returned to Nigeria in penury. On his return, his biographer, Mr. Chris Ofodile wrote that his personal assets at the time he returned from exile consist of “his home in his native village of Umuegwu Okpuala and a “back-house” standing on his plot of land along Ogui Road, Enugu, still occupied by squatters.” He further wrote “Dr Okpara’s village residence in Umegwu Okpuala is located only about a hundred metres from his own father’s modest bungalow which used to be his home before the war. It is a well-designed, modern one-storey building set in the middle of a spacious walled compound that spots freshly planted trees and sprouting flowers. His wife, Adanma, had worked very hard to build the house during his absence in exile. M.I. says she was assisted by Chief Nwadinobi and a number of other friends who wanted him to live in a decent house whenever he returned from exile. But he says Adanma worked literally night and day to make sure that the house was completed. Dr. Okpara enjoys spending time among his people in the village and ministering to their needs, especially in health care which he presides over at his clinic in his father’s house nearby. He is in love with the village and the villagers, and if he makes an appointment to see you, he is careful to ensure that you are through with him before it is time for the village elders to begin to arrive “to see their son”. If you had not seen a famous son of your village for nine years, some times you feel you have to see him several times over in order to be sure that he is indeed the one—especially if you had feared for his safety all those years.”
According to the former Minister of Agriculture, Lt. General Alani Julius Ipoola Akinrinade (80) on page 211 of his book titled “MY DIALOGUE WITH NIGERIA”, “the democracy we have now is democracy of looting and non-performance”.

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