Rev. Dr. Charles C.Osueke, The Pride Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria

By: Rev. Dr. Nathan Paul-Udeze

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

All it takes to know who a man really is, is the fruits he bears. Some are desperate to impress people with whom they are, so they are one thing in the public and another thing in the private. One event doesn’t make a man, it takes years of consistency and several events in a particular order to properly tell who a man is. In the words of the scripture, “every good tree brings forth good fruits..”

A good tree does not bring forth good fruits for a year and the next year bring forth evil fruits. A good tree is consistent, likewise, a corrupt tree. In ASSEMBLIES OF GOD NIGERIA, if all the dead and the living that ever attended AG gather at one spot and you mention the name Brother Osueke, each person would lift their heads with pride and joy. He inspires hope and joy because of his consistent Christ-centered lifestyle. AG knows only an Osueke who preached holiness, lives and practised holiness.

When a man is adulterous for instance, he insists that there are others like him who preach against adultery yet they practice it. We never heard that Daddy Osueke was immoral and corrupt until he stood up against immorality and arrogant, proud and autocratic leadership in AG. Suddenly, after over over forty years of uninterrupted ministry, he became evil, immoral and ambitious.

Shockingly, as soon the duo became partners, Osueke became their target. You remembered that at the last days of the later, he quickly went to the former, knelt down and reconciled with the man AG excommunicated under his chairmanship in the presence and approval of over 8,000 ministers, thereby despised the sacredness of his office as GS while he came back and accepted his suspension for appearance of evil. Why would you allow an excommunicated man to pray for you? What a betrayal of the church? If there are anything to apologize, should you not have first apologized to the Church and the 8,000 ministers? He went for reconciliation after he had enjoyed the goodies that accrued from his excommunication. Is there something he was not telling us?

Now, both of them have one spokesman! They both entered agreement which from every indication is the offshoot of this evil attack on the person and reputation of the greatest son of Assemblies of God Nigeria, Rev Dr Charles C. Osueke.

Assemblies of God Nigeria knows their leaders and they hold them in the highest esteem. Dr Charles Osueke in the sight of AG represents stability, integrity, creativity, progress, unity, acceptability and accuracy in leadership and sound biblical doctrine. His offence is that he would not standby and watch while the Church goes astray.

Can you imagine twenty two years of no crisis inspite of being elected the GS at the tender years of 48 years old? That is, in a Church where he met more elderly ministers and members before him. In a Church, where he met various serious court cases on ground without resolve before he took the mantle of leadership. Yet, he weather the storm and came to the port unspent. The twenty two years AG would never forget, where the Church carved out her name in the community of churches in Nigeria as it concerned major evangelistic thrust, gigantic projects like Evangel International conference centre, Evangel University, Evangel General Council Headquarters and so many others.

At this point, nobody ever thought of an AG Gen. Supt. holding midnight meetings with occult groups in Enugu just to impose himself on the church and manipulate everybody nor an AG GS being associated with multiple sexual escapades. How many of you can remember ever seeing Dr Osueke without his wife in any events both in Nigeria and outside? If ever, how many times? I just can’t remember except while he was in his office and maybe, his wife may come much later. Is that the man that any sensible person would accuse of immorality just because he said no to leadership of impunity?

I have been in the both sides of the fences and I can tell you so much with details. Immediately after march 6th 2014, I was invited by the excommunicated GS and his wife. They wanted me to write everything I can about Dad. Osueke and one of them was that they have enough evidence that he committed adultery. I asked the nature of the evidence but they couldn’t provide any.

I knew such was a grievous accusation and the AG I was born into do not swallow anything without evidence. So I refused to write on it, rather I continued to vet my anger on what happened on march 6th which at that point wasn’t acceptable to me but that didn’t go down well with them. Their greatest interest was to cast aspersions on the person and integrity of Dad. Osueke. It has been quite a while and they final found a poor wretched window of expression.

(1)Daddy Osueke had no child for the first 13years of marriage yet there was no rumours of immorality or infidelity. If a man was not desperate for a child for the first 13 years of his marriage, is it possible that he became desperate after God gave him his own seed?
(2) AGN of the 80’s, 90’s and even a major part of the 2000’s would investigate every rumour and finally suspend a person based only on appearance of evil, just to be on a safer side. Their pursuit of holiness was total and exclusive, no one lived as he wished.
(3) Daddy Osueke as a leader was never soft with issues of morality,he even disciplined some of his close aliens, who knew him too well; there was no way such secret of his would have been wept under the carpet, if they were true.
(4) A woman who gave birth to two sons for a man secretly and finally could not have her own children cannot be hidden. By now, she would have been a torn in the flesh. No woman can knowingly pretend she has no children while her biological children are doing well oversees and her secret husband is pretending that he is holy. That’s not possible! One could have even dared to give such stupidity a thought except for the fact that the excommunicated GS boldly wrote that the woman could not have her own children.
(5) Friends, when a man has lost consciousness of heaven, he often thinks that God is a liar.No man can carry the vessel of God like Dr. Osueke did and live in secret sin. God cannot be mock! Check any man without the fear of God, they often end in a shocking and alarming downfall.
(6) If you said, you investigated before you penned down such grievous and silly accusation, please, be bold enough and tell us where you went to do your investigation. The name of the woman, at least, you have said worst things than that. Tell us the church she presently attends and the names of her Pastor.
(7) Now that it obvious that you hate Osueke, you can at least, mention the names of the woman’s husband, so that an investigation would be forced on Osueke because no man would keep quiet on such accusation on a woman that fell to give him even a child but for another man two children.

(1)I left TST and that brought unrecoverable shivering shock within the breadth and width of their concave. When they didn’t know what they could accuse me, shamefully but very unfortunately, they accused my late father, Rev. N.U Obitulata of being caught in adultery two years before his death twenty seven years ago.

They said the matter was brought before Owerri District presbytery were my father served and my father denied. Then, the presbytery handed him over to God to judge him and two years later, God killed my father.

The truth was that three years before my father’s death, he was off and on in the hospital. He was never accused of immorality and all throughout his life, he never appeared before any presbytery on account of any accusations of any nature. He served faithfully and meritoriously and went to be with the Lord as a result of his illness of 20 years.

(2) Recently, were all shocked to hear that our beloved Acting General Superintendent, Rev Pastor Ejikeme Ejim was not properly married. He was accused by the same man that he impregnated his wife before wedding, so the Church decided not to wed them as a result. So many people thought it was true until last two weeks when the AGS celebrated their 46 years of wedding anniversary and posted their wedding pictures and no one heard a word from the liar.

On 6th March 2014, the Executive Committee of AGN in a special General committee session suspended and later in a General Council in session rectified that suspension to excommunication as a result of irresponsible leadership and abuse of office. The excommunicated GS rejected the ecclesiastical correction of love and formed an army of rebels to fight the church. A fight which have come to futility on all fronts and now have turned his rebel group as accusers of brethren.

(1) The church resolves that no individual is greater than the whole church no matter how highly placed such individual maybe.
(2) While the church is not at war with anyone yet we shall not sacrifice our spiritual in heritage on the altar of peace and harmony with any individual.
(3) No amount of blackmail, hate speeches and physical attack will distract us from focusing wholly on the great commission.
(4) The church remains the hope and the light of the world, we shall continue to pray for our enemies within and outside church.
(5) The church is open and always willing to forgive anyone that comes to his senses in repentance including the excommunicated GS.

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