Wait A Minute! A Note For Our Men And Even Women In The Diaspora

(You too Can Smile as Ugoebenaja and Ezeugo both two Distinguished and exemplary families in the Diaspora )👇🏾


Jisie nu’ike my people, Chief Betrand Udeagha “EzeUgo na Ideato and Attorney Okey Dike Ugoebenaja world wide.

Permit me to use your story as a reference point and the silver lining in what’s otherwise a misguided outlook and attitude of our people in the diaspora who should know better.

You guys have proven that East or West, home is the best. It is good to be in a place where everyone knows your name. A place where certain things you take for granted can change lives. Those that stay away for whatever ignorant pedestrian reasons often driven by what they read or see in the social media must realize that the space they left and they gap they’ve created are fast being taken over by some others.

Perhaps by the people they least expected. It is a reality.

The first wave of that vacuum was created after the genocidal civil war when some families were simply wiped out. The Migration West wards is the second wave albeit by choice. But this duo have proven the famous sound track ‘Hotel de California’ right that they can check out but will never ever leave the beloved land of their birth behind.

What your prolonged absence Means is that you that supposed to be a true son or daughter of the soil has rendered yourself irrelevant and a stranger in the land where you count most and must do whatever it takes to be counted has . So count yourself as one of those who lend hands in the killing of the Igboland from the villages you abandoned and some of your kindreds you turned your back on since you abandoned that hallowed grounds without looking back. You can make all manners of excuses why you are away. But they Igbos will say that blacksmith that knows not how to mold a gong should look for a clue at the tail of the Hawk. Just look at Ugoebenaja and Ezeugo and you begin to appreciate what it means to combine the East and the West.

But do realize that since you are Igbo you are like no other person on earth. You are connected to the soil or land of your birth. That’s why when one start experiencing certain calamities that cannot be scientifically explained those that understand the Igbo cosmology and primordial nature will advise you to visit home and simply step foot on the ground as you salute those who went before you. And surprisingly things will start shaping up again. We believe in the spirit of our ancestors. That’s why those Igbo slaves brought to America all committed suicide to return home in spirit than remain in servitude. This happened in 1803 in Georgia Sea Island.
See why I said you are not just an ordinary person🤷🏾‍♂ You are Igbo and you are connected to the land.

Don’t ask me, I do not have the details but it is a fact that it makes a difference to set your feet in the Igbo solid ground atleast once in a while.

Those of you who often visit like my good friends Chief Betrand Udeagha Ezeugo, Barrister Okey Dike Ugoebenaja and many others will attest to the fact that it is not everything that seem so bad that is bad and it is not everything that seem so good is that is so good afterall. There’s no utopia anywhere.

The social media is bridging the gap and bring the ills and dysfunctionalities of America to the world and the world they never knew to the very previously psychological detached Americans.

The murder of George Floyd has traumatized the world. Even places where human right violations are rife, no police officer in Nigeria will be allowed by the ordinary citizens and passers by to slowly murder another person while Nigerians watch. It cannever happen such police officer or officers may never live for the system to discharge them of all wrong doing as if the dead person did not die. He or she is having a short rest. The crowd must prevail on that fool that knelt on the life of George until he ran out of life. How cruel and monstro can those who claim land of the free and home of the brave be. I don’t see the freedom and there’s no bravity in what the world saw.

The only way any officer or whoever can get away with such murder is shooting and disappearing before the street justice catches up with him. Yes I know you’ll say law and order, and I say law and order my foot when it targets one group of people.

Am just simply saying , balance your outlook in life. Those men that their wives have succeeded or are attempting to reduce to a baby seater or nanny, (don’t get me wrong; in the setting you live, it is simply a duty for you to adjust and come down from some of our Male dominance and make things work).

Having said that the antidote against wilde and misguided wives is your escape route to Africa. Always leave a disguised open route like the smart bush rodent Ewi’ that always leave escape route so when the smart hunter tries to smoke it out, voom off it will go, Ndubuisi. Life first.

That’s the only way our women who have often imbibed the most dysfunctional aspect of American life by attempting to reduce the men to some thing less than Aka-Ikenga with the Abrahamic blessing that flows from the father to the family. They fail to relaize that destruction of the Black family started with the destruction of the men and reversal of the God assigned roles. Don’t fall for that.

Check out the two men I mentioned here. They seem to have gotten it right. Their wives with distibgusshed career I personally call: OSO’DIYA’EME!
Maybe some of you having crises ought to reach out to them and their wives to find out why they are winning at both fronts and keep smiling.

Daalu nu

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