Those Who Wish All To Hate President Trump Should Tell Us Why They Love Former Presidents Clinton & Obama

By: Chris O. Maduka

Let me make it clear that spontaneous right action informs one to do the right thing, at the right time for the right reasons.
Question is : Why should the Igbos and people of Southern Nigeria, mostly Christians give their unconditional support to the Democrats, or why should they reward them for what they did here in 2015 under President Obama?

I want to also alert those who think that those supporting President Trump are misguided, that they are actually the misguided people because they are driven by bandwagon mentality and not deep and introspective thinking.

It is on record that in recent times every time they have the liberal Democrats in the White House African blood just flow freely. In 1967 it was President Lyndon Johnson a democrat who took over after J.F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas Texas. All that killings of civilian women and children and genocidal civil war happened while he did nothing.

It took the election of President Nixon in 1968 for top ranking US official Henry Kissinger to look into the issue of Biafra. Then it was Jimmy Carter, he tried , but the worst case of apartheid brutality happened around his regime. We have President Clinton and the Rwandan genocide. Then President Obama.

Nigeria nearly imploded because of his direct meddling here that emboldened the Northern Oligarchs to act with brazen impunity – but President Jonathan sacrificed everything to avert that.

Then President Trump in what is clearly an answered prayer won the election and essentially canceled what simply amounted to a blanc cheque issued by the Obama/Hilary Clinton leadership.
If it were to be Hilary that won that election, it is better imagined what the Python dance and the crocodile smile would’ve been like. What we saw wa as a childs play compared to what was actually planned.

But these things does not matter to those hating Trump including those actually save by the bell. They are busy doing academic exercise and following CNN onesided news.

They never wondered why the disappeared from the North East and abandoned the Chibok girls brouhaha. It was Obama that approved the regime change that brought in this administration that have seen more brutality and killing in peace time than most wars.

Then look at Lybia and other places in Africa. Such is what we must reward? Or hate Trump for diminishing the ISIS that was slashing threats everyday and other copy cats were following in their footsteps and doing same here across some parts of this country. Where are they today? Still pockets of isolated cases , but greatly degraded under Trump.

I heard some people here repeating the same political correctness that has caused people that are otherwise brilliant to become straight up unreasonable as they strive to tow popular opinions. They choose to dwell in fools paradise chosing to ignore the rreality of who they are and how some of these things affect them and their people adversely. No they don’t care! They are dwelling in fools paradise and the liberal utopia that doesn’t exist.

I am not surprised at all that these people are rising up in ferocious disbelief that President Trump far from being perfect maybe have actually participated in the protest to save the people of Biafra from genocide many years ago while the world lobbied by the Great Britian looked the other way.

Some of these guys antecedents and position on the dysfunctional Nigeria situation in which the people of former Esatern Nigeria has been marked for destruction if not for the fact that there’s a New Sheriff in town which is President Trump simply gives the indication of their myopia and disconnect to the reality.

The former President Obama and Hilary Clinton have literally given a blank cheque to the administration they helped to midwive and deliver in 2015. Now you ask yourself, what impact did President Obama and the rest of the democratic party make or what role did they play to move Africa forward in 8yrs of his uneventful leadership? Other than to propagate the dysfunctional social norm of gay marriage and other weird stuff.

Perhaps those sweating on their palms telling us how we might suffer a backlash for openly supporting President Trump or for simply refusing to be liberal goats without brains ( remarks I find most disconcerting ), these guys should point to one thing those guys did to deserve our unconventional loyalty and support.

How about Hillary Clinton? What was her role in the containment of the violent Boko Haram before it gained foothold in the North East? She refused to designate them as terrorist organization. They even frustrated the former President’s effort to procure the right kind of weapons to route out Boko Haram.
Why? I have no idea.

It was during President Clinton that the Rwanda genocide unfolded under his watchful eyes. He simply ordered the evacuation of the Western citizens and about 800,000 people perished. As if that is not enough, similar thing started brewing in Eastern Congo, until the Canadians intervened.

He did nothing about the civil war in Angola instead he secretly approved of direct flight from Houston the oil capital of the US to Luanda the capital reaping oil benefits while Africans were dying.

Hilary Clinton was one of those who came down hard on late President Mugabe when the British government reneged on the agreement reached over the land dispute. If not for the solidarity of other African leaders, she championed the move to destroy Mugabe but kept quiet over the unjust few Whites owing nearly 80% of the Zimbabwean land.

The same Clinton signaled to Abacha to transform to civilian president, but Abacha rebuffed him.
How much did Clinton pledge for the containment of HIV/AIDS pandemic that was predicted to deplete the African workforce if the rich nations did not intervene. Paltry 3 billion dollars. But President George W. Bush came in and raised it to 15 billion dollars saving millions of African lives.

The only thing credited to President Clinton was African Growth and Opportunity Act AGOA. But guess what? this well thought out plan to help Africa gain access to the huge American market was simply abandoned by the same Clinton and it was hijacked by the lobbyist and special interest. It was so bad Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Even opposed it.

It was under President Clinton that more African Americans were sent to prison than any other time in American history. Having lost the House to the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich and facing defeat for his reelection in 1996 he hired the most far right arch conservative strategist Dick Morris to help him. Dick Morris strategy and advice to Clinton was simple; Sacrifice Blacks, they have no other political home, then go after the White voters. And so it went down. Under Bill Clinton Blacks suffer so much damages that they are yet to recover from. But this time, under Trump the unemployment rate among African Americans is at all time historic low in America.

So Bill Clinton signed the 1996 anti crime bill called Anti immigration and effective death penalty act. This singular act by Clinton put the predominantly African Americans death row inmates on fast track for execution. He watered down the habeas corpus which gives someone wrongly convicted or sentenced to death to have a chance to return to court to present new evidence. Perhaps DNA scientific evidence that might exonerate him or her as blacks were often targeted and wrongly convicted.

It was Bill Clinton who destroyed the Green card and made the path to citizenship far much more challenging for immigrants. A move that so affected Nigerians including those blaming Trump today while preserving Bill Clinton as great leader of their time. They forgot that Bill Clinton came from the deep Southern plantation state of Arkansas where racism and bigotry are simply wa way of life compared to Trump that came from the Yankee state of NewYork that fought in a civil war under Abraham Lincoln to end slavery and unleash the industrial revolution in the United states.

Many did not realize that President Clinton did not have one single black person in his inner security council. But George W. Bush a Republican president had two in top key positions: Gen. Collin Powel and Condoleezza Rice. But Clinton will be seen often praying with Jesse Jackson, playing golf with Vernon Jordan his black friend and Blacks in their docility considered him their friend with little or nothing to show for it.

Not realizing these things and reacting strategically and accordingly is the reason why most other races think that blacks are stupid. That’s why the disrespect us. No other races are abandoned and undermined in all practical ways and they still reward those implicated in such acts. Only Black people.

This is the notion being changed today by the people of former Eastern Nigeria as they broke ranks with the rest of others to align with those who will serve their security, and strategic interest based on their unique experience and peculiarity.

It doesn’t matter what others think because those others may never understand what it feels like to be an Igbo Christian in Southern Nigeria. They may never understand what it means to survive genocide. These people are following on the path of Florida Cuban Refugees and the Jewish lobbyist in their quest to standing with those who stand with them.

Even though most of us disagree with President Trump on the handling of some of the prevailing issues , perhaps his approach is very unorthodox but that’s part of that being perfect as a humanbeing. But at this very point in our lives and considering the very existential threats we are facing here we are not seeking to be loved and cuddled. We seek to be respected enough to be considered a worthy strategic partner in the unraveling global affairs.

I stand here to challenge those calling President Trump names to dispute any of what I’ve said here. And if these are facts that can be collaborated then why should anyone from this part of the world be compelled to uphold the people with such dismal record while castigating someone though different and even not easily likeable , but he has proven to stand up against the very trouble makers of this world that those before him treated with kid gloves of appeasements.

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