MARCH WITH US! Floyd must get Justice.

By. Chris O. Maduka

One Spirit! One Goal!! One Love!!! That’s what makes America one of the greatest societies on earth.

Like Late Dr. King the slain civil leader clearly understood that the bank of American justice cannot be bankrupt, He clearly understood that in the hearts of many Americans there’s still something to be reached.

He appealed to his fellow Blacks to stay the course of Non violent approach because he realized that so many Americans, Whites, Blacks, Jews and the Gentiles will eventually turn around and March with them. And so they did as they turned around and March with them and the their world was changed for ever.

Someone may ask why can’t people follow the same civil disobedience and non violent approach in a place like Nigeria? Well, the answer is simple ; THERE’S NOTHING TO BE REACHED IN HEARTS AND SOUL OF SO MANY NIGERIANS.

We seem to have lost the sense of outrage and shame so many decades ago. When we stood by and watch non violent women and children who knew nothing about anything slaughtered in the 60s, when so many with few exceptions failed to show deep sense of remorse and empathy even after the genocidal civil, that’s when we lost our humanity.

Ever since then something seem to have died that has proven impossible to resurrect in hearts and souls of Nigerians. That thing that died is still alive in those military men, the greatest fighting force that got on their knees at the behest of a young Black woman with nothing but words of mouth and courage.

Even in 2020, nonviolent religious worshipers, tired old folks sleeping in their modest homes and surviving on their ancestral farm land are slaughtered like animals, and what do we do? First identify the tribe or ethnic group that fell victims in that instant and then look for one dumb and immoral excuse to justify that evil and nihilist behaviour.

Or is it not here that Police officers openly beat up a mother, a woman over nothing. A woman they supposed to protect. They brutalize her. And this is the case across Southern Nigeria where most forces come with a different mindset that informs them to act with impunity.

As we speak the Revisionists are hard at work trying to rewrite the history of how we got here. They have been in denial and little surprised that we are back to square One.

They are passing these lies to the next generation making it impossible for them to match together against a manifested evil, making their subjugation and certain defeat a certainty.
It is a very Hopeless outlook for our children. As we confuse them with our lies, we harden their hearts as they will once again miscalculate and see their brother or neighbor as an enemy and then the true enemy as some kind of benevolent benefactor he can trust or work with even when this has proven to be the opposite with empirical historical experience.

They choose to ignore the inherent malevolent nature of these people but instead choose to dwell in fools paradise everytime the opportunity presents it self to end this oppression and dwelling in what clearly seems to be a gangsta paradise.

I’ve asked a rhetorical question of our Southern leaders before;
Is ot that enough harm and injustice has not been done to the people of the South, or is it that some Southerners are feeling the heat more, so it is ok to manage and for how long?

What will such symbolic move of this huge group action take away from the people of the South?
Do we even realize the far reaching symbolic implications this act of solidarity will send to the world and those who’s strength has been the Southern weakness and division?

March with us can only resonate with people with a well developed conscience. It can only ring true with people with some sense of outrage. It is a waste of time in the land where the mindset is that one group must diminish or disappear so that others may rise.
In this type of stunted society the final solution may not be seeking understanding and love of those at the offensive. It is simply to demand for respect and the right to determine your destiny and shape your future.

In the final analysis, It is also important to note that in some situations the surest way to peace and Harmony is the certainty of mutual annihilation.

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