Am not concerned about 2023, the future lies in the hand of God. Henry Nwawuba

Few days ago a commentary was aired in one of the private stations in Owerri the capital of Imo State, accusing the member representing Mbaike federal constituency of high jacking the projects executed by the Chairman of Ikeduru Local Government council, especially on the donation of a transformer in one of the communities.

Hon. Nwawuba in response through a press release has cleared the air and accused those afraid of 2023 election to be masterminding the false commentary. Read below the press release.

Press Statement.

Re: Chuks Metuh’s Correction of facts.

The contents of a radio commentary sponsored by one Ezinwa Chuks Metuh in which invectives were poured on the person of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba have been brought to our attention.

While the publication is laden with utterly false and disingenuous vituperations and unsubstantiated allegations, the most worrisome part is the insinuation that the Rt Hon Member operates with a bias against the great people of Ikeduru who have enthusiastically elected him twice to represent the Mbatoili/Ikeduru Federal Constituency.

We have recieved several calls from our great constituents in Ikeduru expressing concern over the potentiallly damaging commentary which ran for days in the constituency. In order to clear all doubts and to reassure Ndi Mbaike that they are all equal stakeholders in the Mbaike Expect More project, we wish to respectfully state as follows:

1. The mixup over the procurement of a 330KVA transformer for Umuoziri was addressed in a previous rejoinder but for further clarification, we wish to once more state here that the said transformer was acquired by the Ikeduru Local Government Council headed by Hon Chuks Metu. However, the cost of the installation and eventual commissioning was borne by Hon Henry Nwawuba in support of the efforts of the chairman of the council. The benefiting communities are aware of these facts and have expressed their gratitude to Hon Nwawuba for his intervention. It is therefore regrettable that Hon Metu who ought to be fully aware of these facts has chosen to play the drums of mischief to soil the image of Hon Nwawuba.

2. It is surprising for anyone to insinuate that Hon Nwawuba ‘s five years ( against the seven years alleged by Metu) in the House of Representatives have yielded nothing to the people of Ikeduru . At the risk of sounding immodest , Hon Nwawuba is proud to list only a few of his direct projects in Ikeduru to include the following;

1.Construction of Class room block at Iyishi Technical Secondary School
2. Installation of solar powered streetlights in Atta 1, Attah2, Amatta and Avuvu Communities
3. Renovation of Classroom block at Central School Uzoagba.
4. Construction of Health Center at Ugiriki
5. Establishment of Youth Farm at Umueze Ikeduru
6. Installation of solar powered borehole at Nneisi, Ugirike.
7. Completion of bridge, erosion control, and water shed works at Aboh/Uzoagba/Avuvu road
8. Renovation of open market stalls at Orie Amakohia
9. Ongoing construction of open market stalls at Umuri, Amaimo etc.
10. Donation of sewing machines to Ikeduru women.
11. Training of Ikeduru youths in Agro business through ministry of Niger Delta after which they were empowered with starter packs to start their farms.
12. Construction of Town hall in Nneise, Ugurike.
13. Facilitation of jobs for Ikeduru indigenes in the civil service , Armed Forces and social investment programmes.
14. Distribution of start up capital for small scale businesses .

There is a Marshall plan in place to electrify the entire constituency in the near future. These accomplishments and many more to follow will surely put the lie to the idle suggestion that Nwawuba’s presence is only seen on billboards.

3. We wish to observe that the primary purpose of the commentary is not just to bring the unstained name of Hon Nwawuba to disrepute, contempt and ridicule but to also distract him and make him weary over fears of a 2023 contest which is still three years away. We wish to make it clear that Hon Nwawuba has a mandate to execute between now and 2023 . He is therefore not obsessed with whatever comes thereafter as the future can only be determined by the Almighty God. Those expressing morbid fears over a race that is yet to commence should relax and allow time and destiny determine of our fate in due time.

4. Hon Nwawuba is not in the business of dimming the light of other people so that his will shine. To keep projecting the lie that he has hijacked the successes of others is in bad taste and does not honour our collective reputation as hard working and industrious people. Every success achieved by anybody in the constituency is to the glory of God and the benefit of Mbaike people. We should therefore remain as pillars of support for each other and not be consumed by the passion to tarnish the image of others.

5. We congratulate Hon Ezinwa
Chuks Metu for his achievements in office and we wish to express our admiration for his passion and boundless energy. We see him as a great partner of progress In Mbaike and we rather wish that he channels his famed creative energy to causes that will serve our people better rather than allow political considerations overwhelm his sense of good judgement .

6. Finally, Mbaike remains an undivided , indestructible and egalitarian constituency where no constituent shall suffer discrimination under the watch of the Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba.

Egejuru Austin T.
SA media to Hon Henry Nwawuba.


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