COVID-19: Dangerous Selective Enforcement Of The Restriction Of Movement.

-Chris O. Maduka

Those who argued and wrote about the TALE OF TWO CITIZENS have once again been vindicated.

Even the Covid-19 life and death situation is politicized as the rules are selectively and dangerous enforced.

They shared money to them in the North and now in a coordinated arrangments are shipping their undesirables and their possible mischief makers to the people of the South. Yet the People of the South, arguably some of the most useless and irresponsible lot are busy pointing fingers backwards and misdirecting their energies towards their neighbors. They seem less perturbed by the growing existential threats. They are rather engrossed with jealously and wicked perception renewed each day by false revisionist narrative of how we got to where we are today.

They help to sustain the growing inequality of the citizens before the law or under the constitutional provision by their preoccupation with party politics. They are preoccupied with other concerns that ought to take back burner today. A clear case of one chasing after the rat while his or house is engulfed with fire.

The rules and the enforcement are used to chain the South and have them under tactical military occupation while the Northern citizens and states are allowed to live dangerously free. None of the rules made for the rest of the Nigerians apply to them, including the World Covid-19 rules and restrictions.

Instead we saw their citizens being shared money by the Minister of finance. But the Southerners are left to their own fate even while under locks and keys.

It is no longer news that the Northern regions borders are left porous and unmanned while the Southern borders are heavily manned by the predominantly Northern security agents and personnel. That is so because it is less risky and very’very lucrative to be stationed around the Southern borders. So they took that one also as they’ve taken nearly everything that is good in the South including your oil.

The Nepotism in Nigeria has gone way too far. The selective prosecution and enforcement of rules that almost always apply strictly to the South has now taken a dangerous turn as the red eyed, unemployable and non value adding teenage boys (a creation of cumulative Northern neglect even after being in power for decades since independence) are being allowed to infiltrate the South from across different heavily policed and manned road blocks from the North.

No Security Agency or personnel has the Moral Rights or Authority to Stand on the Southern Roads to collect daily tolls or bribe in the name of Covid-19 Movement Restrictions enforcement when they seem to have broken their own rules by Aiding and abating the Influx of Possible Covid-19 positive, unidentified, undocumented, neglected, and not so neglected but rather equipped and trained Mischief makers to move freely and float freely from the Northern Nigeria down to the Southern Nigerian states.

It is a truism that you cannot break the law to uphold the law. Yet that’s exactly what the Security and even the so called the Presidential taskforce on Covid-19 seemed to have done.

They’ve flaunted, contravened and violated their own rules in what’s the global life and death situations. So it is now up to the people of Southern Nigeria to do what’s natural to all normal and sane people; to simply protect and preserve their lives. Or continue to postulate with their claim of book knowledge that has simply turned great many of us into enlightened morons even as the danger thickens and becomes more palpable.

Obviuolsly the rules are not evenly enforced. The good goes to the North, but the bad goes to the South. That’s just the simple practical rule of engagement regardless of what the misguided political leaders say. Their opinion so far has been guided by one thing and one thing only; their political survival to continue on the path of profligacy and graft.

For how much longer???

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