Church vs Tradition: CAN Youth Wing Leader Calls Odumeje to Order.

Founder of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry, Onitsha, Anambra State, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere popularly known as Odumeje has been called to retrace his steps and unwarranted speeches by the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria.

The Chairman of the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Barr. Oluchukwu Green Ijere Nnabugwu stressed this in his reaction to the viral insulting statements of Prophet Odumeje challenging as well as making jest of the family of Late Pericoma and the people of Arondizuogu of having zero record of strong or mature men in society.

Barr. Nnabugwu decried the level of humiliation the church of Christ has suffered in recent times owing to the uncalled for and unwarranted power contest called up by Odumeje from time to time adding that such development is a big slap onto the Christian body in the country which the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN oversees.

According to Nnabugwu’s statement, the power contest or search for a strong or mature person (Odogwu) in Arondizuogu or an part of society by Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje falls short and out of order of what the church is known for but advised for a Godly approach in addressing societal issues.

“My response is not based on the challenge of powers in terms of juju or occultic powers, but from the perspective of Christianity because am a well rooted Christian faithful”

“As the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Youth Wing, Southern Nigeria which comprised of 17 states. It was brought to my notice what has been trending on social Media about one Odumeje who based in Anambara State and late Pericoma and Arondizuogu people at large. There are two major issues raised in his viral statement, (a) Insult on Late Pericoma and (b) the insult on Arondizuogu people.”

“He said he has not seen Odogwu in Arondizuogu, I don’t really know what he meant by that, but I know that Odogwu is a strong man, General as the case may be”

The CAN Youth Wing Chairman said there is no need to create problems for the church which is struggling very hard to settle issues in society, noting that the time of Pericoma has come and gone and shouldn’t cause troubles.

“Now let’s take it that the reigns of Pericoma has come and gone, and in every City or community there are people known for different things, some for good and others for bad, am not judging or referring anybody to be good or bad in any way. The man Pericoma was known for his kindness, and he is not the only man that one can make reference to in Arondizuogu”

“According to indigent friends of Arondizuogu; there were many men of quality virtues in Arondizuogu, Generals per say. They have many Generals in the church leadership, Captains of Industries, Academic generals (in terms of Professors) and what have you”

Speaking further, Barr. Nnabugwu explained the underlying makeup of tissues surrounding the disagreements between Prophet Odumeje, the church, traditionalists and society.

Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje

He said clear lines should be drawn between the religious groups in society in order to give to Ceaser what belongs to him and to God that which is rightly His.

“I have seen some people responding to his claims by challenging him back in areas he pointed out because they know themselves better for they are birds of a feather, and I want to believe that Odumeje will match them because those challenging him knows the source of his powers and are battle ready for him and he knows too well about his source which will be made public at the due time. Knowing fully well he is not operating with powers of the holy spirit, as many have tested it and confirm. It’s important to note here that am not judging him but certainly one day God will expose him openly”

“Coming to the second part of his Insult which was on the Arondizuogu people and the Church. I want to humbly apologize to the great people of Arondizuogu for that Insult from Odumeje and to also let the world know that Arondizuogu is known for so many great things as deem fit

for God and nature to bless and or favour them in all works of life to envy of many.

a) The manufacturer of powerful 7keys Herbal Mixture is an Arondizuogu Man;

b) Emzor Phamacitical Company is own by an Arondizuogu woman which Odumeje, family and friends has used at several points in their life;

c) Ozoigbondu Dr. Innocent Ezuma is the no. 1 Minner in Africa”

“From all indications, Generals are not noise makers and not even on social media. They are too many to mention but that is not my sole interest at the moment. I’m actually here to respond from the angle of the church which I and majority belong to; a responsible Man does argue nor challenge a mad man in a fight. In Nigeria we have two major Christian religious groups which every church and her leaders belongs to, one is Penticostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) which is a grassroot association where every Penticostal church founder must first of all belong to, and must be screened with a very high standard before you will be admitted. Then comes the umbrella and mother body that housed all Christians in Nigeria known as the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and there are five blocks that made up CAN namely Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Christian Council of Nigeria, Penticostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Christian Penticostal, Fellowship of Nigeria”

“Odumeje was refused admission into PFN which is where he should primarily belong, and I challenge him to tell the public why he was not admitted as a Christian or church leader he claims to be. For this purpose he can not be a member of CAN since he could not be admitted by his family. Before he can come out to take a stand, which genuine man of God from any of this blocks in CAN, is he associating with?”, he stressed.

“Let me introduce him to few of God’s Generals from Arondizuogu (the ODOGWUS according to him) even in Onitsha where he based. And I challenge him to meet any of them and see if he will remain the same; if he dare near them he must surely be delivered of the evil spirit that possessed him. It’s a big challenge to him”

“To keep the records straight, Some of the Generals Almighty God has been using in that zone is Bishop Mark Unegbu, Bishop Emeritus of Catholic Arch Diocese of Owerri. Bishop Henry Okeke, Anglican Bishop of Mbamiri Diocese of Anambara State. Bishop Anthony Ilonu, Bishop Emeritus Okigwe Catholic Diocese. Bishop Alfred Nwizuzu Bishop Emeritus of the Okigwe Anglican Communion. Bishop Okoro Catholic Bishop Austra. Bishop Amos Obiora of Life Gospel Assembly Onitsha, Chairman Emos Best Group of Companies a multi billionaire yet humble. (all from Arondizuogu) some of them based in Anambara State. Odumeje knows them too but if he doesn’t,he should look for them”

“There are too many Generals of God to mention whom the self-acclaimed god- Odumeje cannot stand. I want to suggest to him, to save his time and stress or still visit Bishop Obiora or Bishop Okeke both in Anambara there let the world watch what becomes of him if he insists”

“He can equally invite his followers to watch him live or on social media and let us see if anyone will remain with him or willing to follow him at the end of the power contest like in the days of Baal Worshippers and Godly Elijah. It will interest him to know that Bishop Okeke is not just a Bishop but head of missions in the whole world in the Anglican Communion or order”

“In the foregoing, I also want to draw his attention that he is committing a criminal act in so many ways, yes you have your freedom of speech and movement but should have been arrested earlier before now , because throwing money around and encouraging people to do same is a criminal offense on money laundering act of C.B.N. and morally what does it depict from old testament to new testament down to our present generation where has it been done before?”, he expressed.

Barr Nnabugwu called on security and anti-graft operatives to investigate the source of Prophet Odumeje’s wealth in a bid to call him to order.

“I call on the Government of Anambara State under able leadership of DrDr. Willy Obiano and the federal government, the EFCC and ICPC to act immediately to that effect.


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