Man Kidnapped in Imo State, killed and dumped in Ọbá Anambara State by his friend.

A young man identified as Micheal Ishaya was reportedly been killed by a jealous friend with the help of some kidnappers who claimed to be joint taskforce (military and SARS).

On the 3rd of April 2020, the deceased popularly known as Leo was kidnapped around the Orji flyover in Owerri shortly after he dropped off his friend at Rochas College of Africa roundabout.

The report has it that the deceased believed his abductors were genuine taskforce officers and was taking him to their custody since there was curfew in the state between 6pm-6am. Unfortunately to him they were kidnappers.

Further Investigations revealed that the alleged taskforce team leader killed Leo at Oba in Anambra and disappeared to Makurdi in Benue state. He made away with the Lexus ES350 car, IPhone, clothes, apple wristwatch of the diseased(sold) and his bank account emptied.

When the case was reported to the SARS department of the state command, they began to track the kidnappers through the bank account number given to one of their victims who earlier inform the deceased family of Leo’s whereabout.

Report has it that the so called friend who has received a lot of help from the deceased kidnapped and killed his friend out of jealousy after Leo bought a Lexus es350.

One of the arrested culprits who is a dismissed soldier since 2018 confessed that the other two Emmanuel and Ifeanyi Nwaiwu who is a serving soldier used stone to hit Leo severally on the head after they stole his belongings.

It was one of the killers that took SARS operatives along with the family of the deceased to the crime scene where Leo’s body was recovered and deposited at FMC Mortuary Owerri.

Mind the kind of friends you and avoid night movement.

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