New Media Galaxy congratulates the mother of the Publisher.

We Celebrate you mother!!

Mother is important to every life, and any being who did not enjoy the care of a mother really missed out. This is why reputable organizations always map out a day to celebrate our mother.

Today 10th of May 2020, The Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria celebrates their mothers and wives, and in the same Spirit we celebrate the mother of our Director on her mothering Sunday, we pray God to give her long life,good health and prosperity.

In his words the Publisher New Media Galaxy extol the good qualities of his mother, he wrote this poem for her.

The womb that carries me nine solid months, you nurtured me till I grew up, you were behind my success in life after God, you trained me in the ways of the Lord.

Am Proud to call you mother and will continue till Christ comes, You started this journey of raising me with my father, when he died you didn’t give up rather you struggled to raise me and siblings alone. My prayer to God is keep you till you eat yhe fruits of your labor from us all. Grow old in good health and holiness for Christ.

It was never easy but you never give up, you cried most of the nights asking God questions which many were not answered.

You never give up, you hustled in so many areas doing many petty business to see that we survived.

Under rain and sun you were hustling, night and day you were busy preparing for what to sell to feed us. Nobody was by your side, no brother, sister, brother in-law, sister in-law, friends or what.

It was only God who was with you in all the trying times to see we live, we your children are happy to have you as our mother, though all is not well yet but soon by the grace of God you shall laugh.

You taught us the ways of Christ and warned us not to leave the counsel of God, always study the Bible and do what God instructed you to do and you shall be fulfilled. Don’t join others in what they do but lean on God at all times.

These your words is what has kept us going,and God in his infinite mercy have not disappointed us, He has always shown up in times of confusion and vow to continue serve Him till the end of the world.

Happy mother’s day to you. Congratulations for been a woman and a mother. I and my siblings loves you.

The Occasion which took place at Assemblies of God Church, Ndiakunwanta Uno in Arondizuogu had many diginitries who graced the occasion.

Team New Media Galaxy

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