Enugu-Ezike a town where the gods forbids infidelity among married woman.

It’s good to know the tradition of a town before you take walk to have anything to do with the people lest you fall a victim.

Enugu-Ezike is located at Enugu State, South-East Nigeria and they have a dangerous God called NDISHI.

Ndishi is a spiritual being seen only by those who violated the tradition of marital fidelity. The tradition is as old as Enugu-Ezike instituted by Ezike Oba himself before he died.

The tradition is binding on every child of Enugu-Ezike. It revolves around having extramarital affairs with another man’s wife or even an obvious intention to do so through kissing or having your hand across the waist of another man’s wife which is seen as synonymous with sex.

Once a lady’s pride price is paid, she cannot for any reason have an affair with another man other than her husband.

A widow is forbidden to have an affair while inside her late husband’s house or risk the death of her first son. If she wants to do such a thing she must be relocated to another house. If she gets tired and wants to come back to her late husband’s house, she will confess to her escapades, appease the gods and then return after a cleansing ceremony.

An Enugu-Ezike man is forbidden to have a sexual relationship with another man’s wife. Such acts attract the wrath of Ndishi and are highly punishable.

A married woman is forbidden to make a monetary donation or contribution to her family or any other person without the knowledge of her husband or risk being arrested by Ndishi.

A married woman while taking her bath cannot answer a call from another man except her husband.

It is against Ndishi to knock on the door of a married woman when she is alone in the room or at home.

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